Whilst I get to grips with the whole blogging thing, I thought I would share one product that I love with you each week.  

BROW Zings by Benefit, £22.50

I fill my eyebrows in because I like the look and I have not been blessed with amazingly thick eyebrows.  For years, I religiously used Dior’s powder eyebrow pencil, then switched to MAC’s self propelling eyebrow pencil because it was cheap and you didn’t have to sharpen it. The only problem with screw tops is that you can’t tell when they run out.

I came across Benefit’s Brow Zing purely by accident. Having a major eyebrow emergency one morning (when the MAC ran out) I reached for this random product in my (given as gifts or bought from a sample sale) makeup bag.  I have never looked back.

The BROW Zings kit comes with a tweezer, mirror, a pigmented gel for shaping, a natural shaded powder for setting, two brushes – one angled to create the arch, and the other for blending.  Its not rocket science really, just takes a little time to get used to, but it’s great. The gel holds the hair in place for the perfect arch, whilst the powder fills in the colour, giving a more natural look than pencil.

Ciao for now, Scouse Brow! xx

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