Lady Danger Lipstick, by M.A.C £14.00

I’ve lost count of how many M.A.C lipsticks I own, they are amazing!  I have used Nars, Chanel and YSL over the years, and loved them all but since converting to M.A.C, I haven’t looked back. They’re affordable with serious lasting power, come in a variety of colours from every day neutral tones to edgier colours, making that ultimate fashion statement.

This week, I heard a little rumour that my favourite colour Lady Danger was being discontinued. M.A.C have since confirmed that this horrific rumour is FALSE, so out of sheer relief, I had to pay homage to one of the best red lipstick out there.

Lady Danger is an intense red lipstick with an orange/coral undertone.  It’s definitely for the more daring and experimental types, so if you prefer a more classic red, this one is not for you. I often get stopped on the street when I wear it and have introduced it to many friends over the years. If you’re not used to wearing reds, this vibrant colour is astonishingly bright when you initially try it on, but it does eventually adapt to your skin tone. If you have an olive/asian complexion like me, its more red/orange, however it looks bright red on paler skin and orange on dark skin. It is a little dry, but I guess having such a long lasting and highly pigmented colour with an edgy matt finish, there needs to be some sort of compromise – try Eve Lom Kiss Mix as a base coat before applying.

Available nationwide…Go panic buy one anyway, just for the drama!

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