Moroccanoil Treatment £30.45

Gold, Frankincense and Moroccanoil!

I should call this product of the year because it really is that amazing.  A year ago, the Morrocanoil conditioner was recommended to me by my sister because I really wanted to grow my hair.

After using it for 8-10 weeks, my hair went from a short, messy Alexa Chung bob to Blake Lively’s long and lustrous mane.  Even friends on Facebook couldnt believe how long my hair grew in such a short space of time.  Also the condition of my hair had dramatically changed.  I have naturally dark hair with an Ombre Dip Dye so the ends are white blonde.  This product has really helped to retain the colour and condition of my hair without it going brittle, splitting or damaging.

Moroccanoil is made from Argan oil, the nut of the Argan tree which is a plant only found in native South-West Morocco.  This well kept secret among Berber women of Morocco is now known as the ‘liquid gold of the beauty industry’.  Its name gives the impression of a prophetic and mystical, Middle Eastern wonder treatment, and even Kim Kardashian has added it to her beauty bag must have!

They have shampoos, conditioners, oils and styling products to suit all hair types, but my favourite has got to be the treatment oil.  It can be used daily as a styling or finishing tool, and its lightweight formula doesn’t weigh down the hair which other hair serums can do, making them flat and greasy.  The treatment smells amazing and its formula of antioxidants, proteins, fatty acids, omega-3 oils and vitamins transform and repair the hair.

I have lost count of the number of people I have converted to Moroccanoil, it really is amazing and will probably stay as my product of the year for a long time.


  1. Maybe there is hope for my hair yet? Thanks for your posts, look forward to your next blog entry.


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