Im a little sad today because I have a cold and winter has decided to make an appearance. Before the sun finally sets on our favourite season, I wanted to highlight the product that got me through the (let’s admit it, non existent British) summer.  

Nars Body Illuminator £33 in Laguna

I have become so addicted to this limited edition summertime only product, that I’m actually considering buying a few more bottles in case Nars decide to discontinue it.  I use it all over my body (in particular my legs) to give that perfect bronzed ‘just got off the beach’ look.  The cream smells amazing, spreads evenly onto the skin and dries super fast without streaking or rubbing onto clothing.  It only comes in one colour so you can layer it depending on the intensity you wish to achieve.  

I have decided to go for the bronzed goddess look all year…teamed with the D&G baroque look for AW12.

That’s winter sorted…Feeling better already!

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