Silver Linings

Andy Warhol ‘Silver Factory’ collection, Nars

I know the collection is Soooooo last season (AW/12) however, I feel the need to talk about these amazing products that are still available to buy in some department stores.  

Inspired by one of my idols, Andy Warhol, this limited edition Silver Factory Studio collection probably has the best packaging I have ever seen, and the pop art inspired makeup doesn’t disappoint either – I wanted to buy it all!   

 “I’ve never met a person I couldn’t call a beauty”

From the man who was obsessed with makeup to cover his own skin condition, and wearing wigs to change his appearance, this collection celebrates eccentric beauty, and evokes the exciting and vivid world that Andy Wahol lived in.  Always surrounding himself with fellow artists, derailed celebrities, rock stars and drag queens, it’s surprising that this is the first makeup collection that pays tribute the artist’s work and his muses.

“I had a lot of dates but I decided to stay home and dye my eyebrows”

The collection:

The Debbie Harry eye-and-cheek palette is inspired by Warhol’s use of diamond dust in his silk screens.  The Edie set, which comes in a 16 mm film canister adorns an image from one of Sedgwick’s original screen tests and contains all of the paraphernalia to re-creating her iconic 60’s look – defined brows, smoky eyes, and a nude lip, which have recently been seen on the SS13 catwalks such as Marc Jacobs.  The Warhol self portrait eye shadow paltettes printed with the artists own silhouette so amazing, I cant bring myself to use it, sorry!  The nail polishes include deep-plum New York Dolls, lemon-yellow 15 Minutes, and onyx Back Room—a tribute to Max’s Kansas City, the New York nightclub.

I have decided to experiment with the Edie look this season… 

Get to Selfridges whilst stock last! 

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