Illamasqua Speckled Nail Polish

Illamasqua, Speckled Nail Polish, £14.40

This month I have learnt that you only start missing things/people/food when you realise you can’t have them. Abstinence. I have given up chocolate for lent, and having never really craved chocolate before, I seem to have developed an unfathomable desire for the stuff! So, to celebrate Easter (sans chocolate) I wanted to show you the new speckled nail polishes from Illamasqua, which also happen to resemble chocolate mini eggs. 

When I initially saw this collection a few weeks ago I wasn’t so impressed, but then I saw it on a friend, and it looked AMAzing! Part of the imperfection range, the nail polish collection is inspired by the fragility and beauty of irregular markings upon bird eggs. Sounds a bit gross, but I guess that’s the whole point and ethos behind the collection – finding beauty in something that isn’t conventionally deemed as attractive.  

The collection comes in five pastel shades of green, lilac, baby pink, sky blue, and creamy nude.  The ultrafine matt glitter creates an unusual yet beautiful finish which dries with a smooth glossy finish. I seriously need them in every colour! 

This will definitely distract me from my chocolate cravings for a while..

Two weeks to go….

Available at Selfridges and Debenhams

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