If like me it takes you absolutely forever to detangle your hair, then, this product will seriously change your life!

This innovative product is the fastest selling hairbrush in the UK, it’s hard to believe that it was first featured four years ago on the TV show Dragon’s Den where it was rejected.

Believe me, the the Tangle Teezer dramatically detangles the bushiest, birds nest of barnets, into beautiful, sleek hair, so easily without  splitting, damaging, or breaking.  

My hair is bleached on the ends so it tends to get really knotty, especially after a night out where its suffered from overuse of products and wear and tear. After washing it used to take me what felt like hours to detangle, causing damage, and always splitting.

Now, my routine, is cut by at least half an hour with minimal damage! I really cannot live without mine, and do not know how I have survived so many years without it.

Available in many colours and sizes, nationwide at Boots

*Please note, the possibilities available with long sleek hair are endless…

See below…

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