Hydra Beauty Gel Yeux

Hydra Beauty Gel Yeux 
Hydration Protection Radiance Eye Gel

Beauty Sleep. It’s probably one of the most simple and effective beauty secrets known to women for generations. However, the reality of getting a full 8 hours per night is a rather ambitious fantasy. Almost a dream! 

From an early age, we are told to look after the delicate area around the eyes to prevent the first signs of ageing. So, if your eyes are the gateway to your soul, what does the exterior say about you and your lifestyle? Puffiness, redness, fine lines and dark circles can also tell a thousand stories; never a good look, no matter how much fun you’ve been having! 

Beauty sleep in a bottle!

I have discovered the most amazing product that erases all signs of fatigue – Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel Yeux. 

I was interested in this product, because it claimed to perfectly hydrate the eye area (for 8 hours), smooth away dehydration lines, diminish dark circles, and reduce puffiness. 

This powerful little bottle contains an odourless  fresh gel which instantly melts into the skin giving a cooling effect which not only eliminates puffiness, but also restores radiance. The gel contains a combination of active ingredients – Camellia Alba PFA, which restores moisture balance to the eye contour for perfectly soft and smooth skin. Blue Ginger PFA protects the integrity of the eye contour from free radicals which cause signs of premature skin ageing.  

After the first application I noticed an immediate difference. I have sensitive skin around my eyes so its really great that the gel is also fragrance free, and also oil free so great to apply makeup on top. An additional bonus is that after using it for a month, I have not needed to use as much concealer anymore as my fine lines and dark circles have really disappeared.

Apply morning and night by gently patting with the fingertips and blend with circular movements.  Believe me, your eyes will be sparkling in no time!

Hydra Beauty Gel Yeux 15ml £40.00, Available from Chanel, and all UK Department stores. 

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