Get Lucky!

Chanel Autumn 2013 Collection 

A new season can only mean one thing, new makeup trends, and luckily for us, the latest Superstition collection by Chanel, with its vibrant pinks and corals, will guarantee brighten up skin on the dullest of winter days.

Is this a happy coincidence or a sign of destiny?

Inspired by Gabrielle Chanel’s belief in luck and good fortune, Superstition plays on the surrealist spirit where it reinterprets the talismans and good-luck charms she surrounded her world with.

The collection itself is a joyful prediction of beauty where it mixes intense pink or burgundy palettes with sumptuous tones of bronze, taupe and khaki with the magic of a golden beige.

* From her first successes to magical encounters, the shade names tell the story of Coco Chanel at the dawn of her destiny. 


I find it really difficult to maintain glowy skin during the winter. Even dark and olive skin can lack radiance due to the cold and less exposure to sunlight. Try LE BLUSH CRÈME DE CHANEL, available in six shades from soft beiges to intense pinks and burgandy’s, to add instant luminosity to the cheeks. The innovative powder-cream formula offers an enticing new way to blush, and can be applied with the fingers or a brush. The silky texture offers a long-wear satin finish which is perfect for blending onto the cheeks to create a subtle colour. Of course if you prefer a more intense look, you can smooth on with fingertips and layer to sculpt and accentuate cheekbones.


In this collection, the cream blushers perfectly match the ROUGE COCO and ROUGE COCO SHINE lipstick shades. 

ROUGE COCO SHINE is an innovative formula with intensified pigments to take colour and sheen to a new level of vibrancy. It’s amazing how sheer these come on considering the lipstick are so highly pigmented, so don’t let your initial reaction put you off as the colours are really subtle and soft.

ROUGE COCO, available in 18 shades is a lightweight formula infused with Hydratender complex to hydrate the lips for up tp 8 hours and makes them look fuller. Both lipsticks are perfect for the winter months as they protect, condition, and hydrate the sensitive lip area. After using the lipsticks for a few days, I did notice an instant difference, so I ditched all of my MAC lipsticks for Chanel, even though they are double the price; the benefit being that you would never need to buy lip balm again. I use ROUGE COCO SHINE during the day and ROUGE COCO in the evenings.


Winter also equals party looks, and therefor the fail-proof and magical smokey eye. The new OMBRE ESSENTIELLE comes in a sleek, rectangular case and contain vitamins C and E to provide excellent protection against free radicals. They come in an infinite variety of shades which express themselves freely in three makeup effects: satin, iridescent or matte – this is achieved by applying dry, or wet for a more intense colour. 


To intensify the mystery and complete the look, LE VOLUME DE CHANEL mascara ian original KHAKI BRONZE shade heightens the paradoxical influence of subtle makeup by boosting volume and coating lashes with a wide-open effect.

All products available from Chanel Boutique, Covent Garden, Chanel Bond Street or Sloane Street, or all major department stores.

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