If you’ve ever dreamed of killer cheekbones a la Kate Moss circa 2005, then look no further. Tom Ford’s Shade and Illuminate will transform the roundest of faces; giving the appearance razor sharp bone structure, which can only be found gracing the covers of Vogue. 

From Tom Ford’s point of view, the first step to beauty is understanding the architecture of your face and bringing balance and symmetry to your features. This duet of highlighting and shading creams is designed to make sculpting and contouring the face remarkably simple. The super–sheer, light shade can be used to draw light onto the skin to brighten and lift the face. The dark shade defines and contours bones while staying invisible to the naked eye.

I know this is expensive, like all Tom Ford makeup, however, you are buying two products in one, and the packaging is so beautiful, it will look really impressive in your makeup bag. The makeup itself is amazing, and both colours blend together perfectly. The highlighter at first looks like it might look greasy, but once applied, it comes on so sheer, only illuminating the cheekbones when they catch the light. Go gently on the shading. I have to admit, Its quite difficult to master the art of contouring at first, as you don’t want to look like an extra from a bad 80’s Adam Ant video! The best way I have found is to suck in your cheeks slightly, and using the darker shade, follow the shadow of your natural cheekbones, and then buff out the colour.  Using the illuminator, continue to buff out the darker shade but use this mainly on the raised areas of your cheek where it catches the light. Once blended, et voila, you have cheekbones any supermodel would be envious of. 

Practice makes perfect, so if you ever feel like you need lessons in this, go to the queen of contouring, Kim Kardashian’s youtube video to fully understand the benefits.

Good Luck! 

Available from Selfridges, £55.00

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