Glowing for Gold…


Even though I have dark skin, I like to use fake tan. Yes, I know this is quite a strange thing to do, but during the summer, I just love having that deep golden, just walked off the beach glow. 

 Im not one to buy high street products, however, I recently purchased a bottle of Dover Summer Glow after a friend had recommended it. Its an everyday self tanning nourishing lotion which gradually, and subtly, enhances your natural skin colour, even if you are fair, like my friend.

I applied it over my skin, in a fuss free way, meaning, I wasn’t really looking where it was going, or how much I applied, as it doesn’t require a mitt, doesn’t streak, absorbs instantly, and does not transfer onto clothing. This for me is great. Any reduction in time saving from my daily routine is a bonus. I do however, think people with pale skin might need to be more aware of where they are applying the lotion, and the quantities, to avoid any accidents.

 Dove Summer Glow contains the unique DeepCare Complex, with natural skin nutrients and rich essential oil to help gradually improve skin starting deep down. The lotion itself, smells nice, unlike other tanning products, and it’s slightly shimmery, making the skin glow instantly. 

After about a week, I couldn’t believe how amazing my skin looked. The colour is more bronze than orange, and considering I have been using it every day, it really does look natural. 

 Dove Summer Glow is so inexpensive, I have decided to stock up on it and continue to use it every day, even throughout winter as it is available all year round.

Available in shades – Fair to Medium, and Medium to dark.
From all supermarkets and Boots

* Please note, wash hands immediately after use

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