Christian Louboutin Launches Beauty Range

Yes! Its True…

Christian Louboutin, the man who gave us the iconic red sole stiletto, will be adorning our talons this summer with his new nail polish, 

 The first, in a range of 30 nail varnishes, Rouge Louboutin, is inspired by the nail lacquer the designer famously used to paint his colleagues heels red 27 years ago – A brand was born.

The nail polish is a highly pigmented, super glossy, chip free formula, which is said to deliver the effect of 20 layers in two coats. The packaging is INcredible! It lives up to all expectations. Its seriously sexy. The dramatic 8-inch height is inspired by the tallest heel Christian Louboutin ever created, the Ballerina Ultima. The custom-designed, patented triangular brush picks up the right amount of formula, without air bubbles, to deliver flawless finish.

Watch the film by David Lynch here

Now please join the queue behind me… I cannot wait!
The Rouge enamel will be on sale in the UK on the 14th August at Selfridges

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