Hey, Hey, Hey – Topshop Nail Polish!



I went a little crazy in the beauty department of Topshop today and purchased all three of these nail polishes… as well as lots of other products such as lipsticks and bronzers (review coming soon).  

Topshop makeup isn’t luxury, but like its fashion, the beauty products are on trend, affordable, fun, and the packaging is great. So if you’re looking for a blue UV lipstick for a festival on the weekend, or a matt pastel nail polish for next season, chances are, Topshop will already be selling it.

So far I have tried Hey, Hey, Hey which is a baby blue nail polish with white speckles, which looks amazing on. The glitter particles are matt, so the speckles are very subtle. The consistency of the polish is actually really nice, and it comes on easily without streaking. I would recommend applying a base coat first, then two coats of nail polish. The first coat dries really quickly with the speckles, and then the fast drying second coat leaves a glossy finish. Its super cute. 

The best thing about Topshop Nail Polish is that when I’m bored of this colour, I can go out and buy another for only £6, and it seems like they have hundreds to choose from. 

The possibilities are endless.

Available from Topshop, Nationwide.

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