YSL Fusion Inc Foundation


Good news party girls, YSL have created a new 24 hour foundation… 

and yes, it stays on all day, and ALL night!
Imagine a day where you can put on your makeup, go to work, followed by the gym, and then out all night without having to reapply your foundation? It seems that’s what party girl du jour, Cara Delevigne, the face of the brand does, as this foundation is inspired by her all night partying, and waking up in last nights makeup.
YSL, Fusion Inc Foundation has been created using NASA-inspired technology, originally designed to capture stellar dust particles in outer space. Its radiance boasting base contains a super absorbing lipophilic active, which holds four times it’s own weight in sebum (our natural oils) regardless of humidity, day and night.

It has generated a waiting list of over 12,00, so is it out of this world?

I managed to pick up a sample of the foundation in House Of Fraser so if you want to try it out, do it now, as most YSL counters are offering 7 day trials you can take home and keep until the weekend, which of course, is when the 24 hour party tests commence.
The first thing I notice about the foundation is the consistency, it’s really watery. You have to dot it onto the skin and then smooth out. The coverage is amazing, so don’t be fooled by the watery feel of the liquid. It dries instantly, leaving a perfect, velvety finish without caking. Also, the great thing about this foundation is that it saves you money, as there is no need to apply primer, or powder. Its brilliant for those with oilier skin, but if you have dry skin, or prefer a dewy look, this is not the product for you.
It lasted all day, and well into the evening without me having to reapply powder, but I have to admit, it didn’t stay as matt, and flawless as the beginning of the day. After 12 hours, as your natural skin starts breaking through the foundation, it actually starts to look better. Maybe thats what they mean by ‘morning after’ foundation?

Im sorry, I haven’t tested it out after the gym, straight out, and then sleeping in last night’s makeup… alas, those days are almost over for me… but if Cara D can do it, I’m sure you can too!

Just remember to wash your face in the morning 😉


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