Say F**k it to ageing…


I met an old friend for dinner last night and she told me I looked younger. I love my friends. Seriously, it’s the best thing I have heard this year. I admit, and have to agree, I do look, and feel like I have lost a couple of years.

This was not the case a few days earlier, however, when I suffered from a mini meltdown. It was Sunday night, and officially Autumn. It suddenly dawned upon me that it’s November next week – two months until the new year, which means, two months until my next birthday! 
I felt super old. 

Luckily, another very nice friend helped me snap out of it by making me realise that I shouldn’t really be worrying about the inevitable. I can defy ageing by looking after myself, using the correct products, and most importantly being happy. 

So today, I live by saying F**k it to ageing!

Cowshed Anti-Ageing Perfecting Serum


Getting your beauty sleep is not a myth. It is one of the most important factors to prevent ageing, and it’s free. Try it tonight! While you sleep, every cell in your body regenerates, so applying the correct products during this time will boost cell renewal, and make a huge difference to your skin.  

For about a month now, I have been using the Cowshed Anti-Ageing Perfecting Seruman all-in-one serum and oil hybrid, which promises to reduces fine lines and hyper-pigmentation, balance oil production, sooth and calm sun-damaged skin and provide intense hydration.

Does it work? 

YES. It is probably the best night product I have used in a while. Even for someone like me, who gets very little sleep, it works wonders. Its like 8 hours in a bottle! Each night, I look forward to taking my makeup off and lathering my skin (upwards) with this magic potion. 

It smells and feels amazingly relaxing, like a comfort blanket for my face and neck. It’s packed with botanicals such as Rosehip, Evening Primrose, and also a bespoke fragrance note Actiscent®, which combats sagginess, supports elasticity, and fights damaging free-radicals. 

This is combined with natural extracts of Sandalwood, Green Tea and South American Copahu to give an aromatherapy feel, making you feel sleepy.

Apply onto the face and neck by massaging into the skin. This works on your lymphatic system to invigorate cells, assists in penetrating the nutrients to your skin, and drains any toxins.

Since using it, my skin feels so soft and hydrated, it feels firmer, and looks brighter. It has also improved my skin tone, and the texture. 

Combine this with happiness, Kale juice, and yoga each morning, and watch the years fall away…

Available from Cowshed

**Also, If you’re near a Cowshed Spa, you have to try the Skin Perfecting facial that comes along with it, which is incredible.

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