Dior Star Foundation – The worlds first selfie foundation…


Like many things in life, great things come to you when you’re not searching for them. In this instance, it’s foundation. After the 8 beautiful years with NARS (I use Sheer Glow) the love affair is finally over. Im so sorry Francois, but Dior has created a foundation to make your skin look flawless in photographs, and as I like to engage in the act of ‘selfie’ on a regular basis, I’m afraid I’m hooked!

Dior Star Foundation

Using a pioneering new formula and ‘light pulsion’ technology, Dior Star Foundation captures the natural light on the face to enhance cheekbones, eyes, and banishes dull skin, making users look instantly flawless, and photogenic. The silica beads in the foundation capture and diffuses light without shine. 

Available in 15 shades

Im obsessed with foundation, not because I have bad skin, I just love having a flawless looking, radiant complexion. Since working with makeup artists, I have realised that amazing makeup on a shoot (or in life) requires being able to see real skin, rather than the airbrushed look. Of course, at the time of this epiphany, I had to rethink my whole beauty routine, so I started wearing less foundation, with the addition of an illuminating primer (review coming soon) – it was a revelation! 

Here are my in store my selfies….

This foundation, is a real game changer for me, and having flawless and perfect looking skin, that requires using less makeup than I would normally use is amazing. 

To be honest, the fact that it looks great on camera is not very important to me. I’m more interested in how it looks and feels in real life – it feels like second, looks incredibly radiant, luminous, and it lasts all day.

You have to apply it with a brush, or the Dior Beauty Blender that comes with it, because its so difficult to blend with the hands, and this way you can achieve a more natural finish. Also, all Dior counters have this amazing skin testing machine which works out your foundation shade. 

Now, all I want for Christmas is a selfie stick!

Available from Selfridges, House of Fraser, and Debenhams


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