Gold Dust….


Yesterday was the hottest day in 9 years!  Amazing!  Did a few hours in the sun turn you into a golden sun goddess?  If not, head to your nearest NARS counter for their new Dual Intensity Blush Collection.  They will transform your skin from plain, to a holiday in Spain in seconds!

I absolutely love these blushers. Its been a while since a makeup product has excited me like this. Everything from the packaging which is a black, rubber embossed case to the silky weightless formula is perfect. They are an instant sun fix for all skin shades as they come in 6 different colours from gold and bronze, to pinks and reds.  

Close up of my Jubilation Blusher 

The blusher itself can be used with a normal brush, and dusted onto the skin for a healthy glow, using the highlighter.  Or it can be used with a wet brush to intensify the colour, yet leave a translucent, second skin finish.  Its luxurious, and highly pigmented yet weightless – perfect for the hot weather.  When creating this product, NARS used exclusive Translucent Prismatic Technology which features pearls and pigments, perfectly suspended in a transparent soft base to allows for multi-dimensional effects making it highly versatile.

Here’s the blusher on my skin, the images on the right is how they look blended, using the fingertips

I have actually used mine as an eyeshadow too.  I wet a brush, or apply with my finger depending on how much of a rush I’m in, and apply to the lids finished with a slick of mascara.  It’s super fast and easy to apply anywhere, on the tube, or even the beach. … 

Available in these featuring NARS, Liberty and Selfridges


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