Makeup Be Gone Cleansing Balm

Don’t you hate that dreaded time at the end of the day when you have to take your makeup off? Me too. Luckily, I have discovered a product that is so good, I have actually started looking forward to it!
The very appropriately named Makeup be Gone Cleansing Balm is the latest product from one of my favourite skincare brands Trilogy. It is an end-of-the-day cleansing balm which removes foundation, mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. It contains a rich blend of pure plant oil, and ingredients to nourish skin such as mango butter, my favourite rosehip oil, and coconut oil, which nourish skin as well as melting away all traces of makeup.
There’s been a lot of talk about beauty balms being the only way to cleanse skin so I was curious about trying them.  I’m normally a traditional makeup remover, and face wash kind of girl as I find its the only way I can effectively remove stubborn eyeliner and mascara, so was quite interested in trying this out.
The balm is solid, but it’s quite easy to get out your recommended 1/4 teaspoon amount as it melts quite quickly. Its soft and easy to handle, so it won’t really slip out of your hands onto your clothes or on your carpet.  It smells good too, and due to the ingredients being natural, it doesn’t have that fake and overbearing mango and coconut scent normally found in cheaper products. I applied it to my face and it melted immediately, dissolving all of the makeup on my face.  It did however make my whole face black.  Yes, depending on the colours you wear, it will vary, so my black mascara and eyeliner made my face dark brown/black.  I would therefore recommend using the balm alone, and in front of a mirror.  Finally, to remove the balm, you have to use the wet, unbleached, organic cotton cloth which comes in the package.  I always make it super hot, apply to my face and leave it for around 30 seconds.  Its the best thing ever, especially if you’re tired and cold.  The heat from the cloth, mixed with the natural ingredients makes you feel like you’re in a spa, I really love it. After my first use, I was so amazed by how great it made my skin look, I swear I looked 5 years younger. I haven’t used a cleanser like this before and wouldn’t normally write about a product so quickly after using it.  Even in the morning, my skin looked incredibly radiant and soft.  
This is definitely one of the best makeup removing products I have discovered.  Trilogy products are natural, relatively cheap, and contain natural ingredients which feed the skin with goodness.  The only negative feedback I have is that the cloth is so difficult to wash, and it doesn’t remove stubborn eye makup the way oil based products do.  I would suggest removing eye makeup first and then using the balm.
Available from Trilogy and Debenhams 

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