Eyes wide open…

 I’m a little obsessed with the seventies trend for AW15.  I have the hair, the suede skirt, platforms, fringing, floral, lurex…and I’m even considering flares! Gucci is my dream look.  Its also going strong for SS16 so I have decided to change my makeup to match.
Retro eyelashes (below) are key to this look.  For someone who loves rimming their eyes in black eyeliner, this kind of makeup is tricky to achieve as eye makeup needs to be neautral, and lashes need to be super long and thick.
Wylde Magazine
 I have a constant battle with the lash – no matter what I use, my eyelashes always look the same, bad. I hate them, and I really dislike false lashes, and would stay clear of implants.
The new Audacious Mascara from NARS is a game changer for me.  Its designed with over 200 molded bristles and lengthening hooks to catch and grip each lash from root to tip to lengthen and amplify.  The tapered tip gets onto those difficult to reach inner, outer and lower lashes to create the clean and precise retro look without clumping.  The matt packaging is the typical sexy NARS look which is easy to grip, compact and minimal.  
The mascara comes on super easily and doesn’t clump at all.  The desired look can be created by layering, so those lucky people who have naturally thick and long lashes would probably only apply one.  Me on the other hand, needs at least three.  Yes, it even makes my eyelashes look good, and the three layers don’t make me look like an extra from a reality TV show.  Its great.  The only criticism I would have is that it’s messy, so if you’re a swipe and go kind of person, you’ll probably poke yourself in the eye like I did this morning, and get mascara all over your eyes. The wand is plastic, so you have to be super careful with the bristles, therefore combing through the lashes carefully. Something I don’t have the time and patience for. It does however catch the lashes and instantly make them look longer, thicker and fuller, so that definitely saves time. Also removing the mascara with my usual eyemakep remover is so a breeze, it comes off straight away and doesn’t dry on the lashes considering the amount of layers.  

The amazing thing about this mascara is, that its buildable formula lets you reapply over the original application, making it perfect for the parties coming up with the run up to Christmas.

Available fron NARS and Selfridges, Liberty and Space NK 

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