Perricone MD – No Foundation Foundation


We are lead to believe that you need to cover tired, aged, and wrinkled skin with with as much makeup as possible.  However, too much foundation, powder, and also contouring really does age you, no matter how old you are. The key to youthful looking and healthy, glowing skin, is a good diet and also a regimented skincare routine.
Makeup artists are constantly championing clean makeup that looks like second skin.  Im obsessed with flawless looking radiant skin that looks natural, but unless you’re gifted with good genes, have regular facials, eat a truckload of superfoods per week, and get enough sleep, its almost impossible to achieve. For this reason, I actually wear less makeup now than I did in my 20s, and I think it does make me look younger and healthier. On the other hand, if you know me, you know I do love looking polished and my makeup is rarely out of place.
So, when I first heard about the No Foundation Foundation, that creates flawless skin by unleashing the beauty from within, I thanked god… well Dr Perricone.

No Foundtion Foundation is a translucent foundation which has been scientifically formulated with Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitain C Ester to create a dewy, glowy coverage to skin that feels and looks like second skin.  You have probably heard about it, as its one of those cult products you’re terrified of trying, because it’s expensive, and because it sounds too good to be true.
No Foundation Foundation now comes in two shades, light and dark which once applied, instantly diffuses imperfections, corrects skin undertones, and minimises the apperance of fine lines and pores over time.  It also provied a non chemical and mineral based SPF 30 which is great for the summer when you want to wear less foundation….  But as summer is an eternity away, you can use it now as an anti ageing formula all year round.
As a devotee to foundation, I was so curious to try this product out. It could be totally revolutionary and change my life forever. I mean a non foundation, foundation that brings out the beauty within like a real life Instagram filter has got be the best makeup product of all time right?
The packaging is cute and the bottle is small, but it does go a long way.  All you need is to do is shake bottle, dispense 3 drops on the palm of your hand, dot onto forehead, chin and cheeks, and then press in and finally blend to the desired finish. Add more if you wish, and use with a primer like I did, but too be honest, you really don’t need one.
As I mentioned earlier, I like my skin looking flawless so this has been a product I have been using on days where I don’t need makeup… The days I don’t really go out and see anyone.. You know, a quick trip to the supermarket or the gym.

Yesterday, I used it instead of my foundation and the results were incredible. The three drops really did go a long way, and it miraculously covered my skin. I did feel super paranoid on my way to work because my skin felt naked, the feeling I only get when wearing no makeup.
As soon as I got into the office I asked my colleagues what they thought and they said that they preferred it to my usual look and that my skin was glowing. I hadn’t looked in the mirror, hating the way my skin felt and was astonished by how great it looked. It looked glowy and perfect but also velvety and smooth. The kind of look you get from a mattifying and smoothing primer. As you an see from the pic below that it looks radiant and natural.
I can see a few lines and uneven skin tone but No Foundation Foundation would change this over time. After lunch my skin started to flag and I needed to reapply but I would do that with makeup anyway. It really has me converted. I wouldn’t normally use it alone like yesterday, I would now mix it with a drop of foundation and then maybe over time, ditch the foundation altogether. I guess it’s all about how confident you feel about your own skin.
I would highly recommend this to people who use BB and CC cream as its so much better. There’s also makeup in the collection too, review coming soon…


Available from Selfridges
A few ingrediets –
Alpha Lipoic Acid – A powerful antioxident to minimise pores, fine lines and and imperfections.  Its part of an anti age or acne treatment patented by Dr Perricone.
DMAE – A powerful anti inflamatory which is critical to the contracting and tightrning of muscles helps with skin elaciticy
Titanium Dioxide – A mineral based sunscrean
Vitamin C Ester – Idel therapy for sun damaged skin.  Minimises discolouartion and firms and brightens skin.

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