By Terry Light Expert Click Brush

Are you guilty of applying your makeup on the tube, touching up at a dinner table, or secretly behind your date’s back?  I avoid these situations because, ‘I wake up like this’ of course, and I’m not human…

Okay so I do it too, especially when I’m running out of the office to a meeting, or to a party.  It’s classic behaviour. I’m always late for a party, and always retouching my makeup on the go, pulling out my brushes, foundation, and powder, for the world to see how the magic happens.  Its embarrassing.  Now, a new product, brought to you by the woman who created Touche Eclat by YSL, eliminates all the humiliation of your public display. Well, it at least makes it look easier and faster.  The new light expert click brush from By Terry is a brush and foundation in one, combining a anti-imperfection formula, a futuristic ergonamical and effective applicator to sculpt the face quickly and easily.
I personally was not going to review this product because they dont make one in my skin tone, but I hear from a friend that its amazing so I have to share my news.  All you need to do is click to release the product onto the brush and swipe over the skin to transform you from flawed to flawless in seconds.
Therefore, this is a public plea to By Terry to make foundation for darker skin. Please?
Available from Space NK

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