Barry M – New Nail Care Range

When I think of Barry M, I reminisce of nights out, glitter tips, and super cool colours. They are an amazing brand who always seem to have their finger on the pulse when it comes to new nail trends and colours.
For someone like me, who rarely buys high street makeup, I do own many Barry M nail polishes because they have such a huge selection of colours and the quality is really is great. 
Have you ever tried to remove a glitter tip? It’s an absolute nightmare. It takes me at least an hour per nail and I’m sure a bottle of nail polish remover per hand. Okay, slight exaggeration, but stubborn nail colour and embellishments are a b**tch to remove. Barry M are totally guilty of this, and have decided to look after their fans by creating a nail care range. I like to call it rehab for nail polish addicts.
Fear not Nail Junkies, these products are so great, no one will even know your nails are in therapy. There are four products which make your nails healthy in no time, as well as making them look good in the meantime.


The Super Mani 7-in-1 Treatment is a twice a weekly basecoat and treatment which offers 7 benefits: hydrating and protecting enamel for healthy, nourished nails.  It does the following –
1. Encourages Growth
2. Strengthens with Keratin
3. Nourihes with Argan Oil
4. Promotes Shine
5. Hydrates with Vitamin E
6. Smooths the nail surface
7. Protects from breaking



The Iron Mani is the ultimate nail hardner.  Its the new Barry M Superhero, here to protect you and save you from the world.  This toughens up your nails and the treatment works to strengthen, smooth, and protect nails from breakage.


The mini masks not only care and condition nails, they camoflauge and colour them in too. Available two subtle colours, Bashful ( light baby pink) and Birthday Suit (creamy nude) which set as a semi matt finish, no one will know your nails are in therapy.  

I had my nails done at the launch and wasn’t so convinced by them because I had just taken off my beautiful nail colour and had to walk around with Matt natural nails. Since then, I have convinced myself that I need a detox including my nails and have been using the treatment all week. It’s too early to let you know if the treatment works but I will keep you posted. I do absolutely love my nails in the Birthday Suit colour. First I use Super Mani as a base coat which comes on easily, doesn’t run and dries quickly. The camouflage conditioning treatment does the same but it’s quite thick so drying time takes a little longer. The Matt finishing is a really nice touch and make the colour look more edgy and luxurious than a shiny finish. They look expensive.
Add these to your New Year detox list!


Available from Boots and Superdrug on 20th January

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