Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask


December is the month of partying, drinking, late nights, and indulging on bad food. Yes super fun, but this really affects your skin, making you look tired, dull, dehydrated, and also causes premature ageing. I start introducing detox rituals into my beauty regime a month early so my skin doesnt suffer from shock when I go cold turkey.  One product that has really helped me out the last few weeks is Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask which deeply cleanses the skin to reveal an energised, shiny and new glowing replacement.  It draws out impurities, and absorbs excess sebum, to reduce breakouts, clogged pores and toxins.


Kaolin clay which is the base of the mask, is rich in minerals and and trace elements. It also contains Evening Primrose, Rosehip Oil, and native New Zealand Pohutawaka to improve cirulation, soothe, rehydrate, and regernerate, to make skin look radiant and fresh.
I normally use a clay mask twice a week from Kiehls which is great to cleanse skin, but this Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask is used in between those days, when I need an extra boost. It goes above and beyond cleansing, making skin glow, and look healthy.  The clay itself is a creamy charcoal which smells so sweet and delicious, its tempting to lick off. You have to apply a thin layer to the skin, and wait 10 minutes before removing with warm water, or a cloth for better results.
This is a really luxurious product which gets better with the length of time its used. The resuts are immediate, but I would start now for lasting results. Shiny, illuminated skin makes festive makeup look so much better, so start sparkling now.
Available from Trilogy, Whole Foods, Debenhams

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