California Dreaming – Chanel L.A Sunrise Collection – Spring 2016



It’s me.  Im in California dreaming, about the way we used to be…

Yes summer, I’m talking about you. January is tough right? It’s even worse when it suddenly became cold last week, just on time for Blue Monday. Even New York is covered in thick snow. The only way to get through it is by manifesting positive thoughts and visualisation…

California dreaming, on such a winters day…
Or, you can try the new Limited Edition L.A Sunrise collection from Chanel which will not bring you the sun, but it will at least make you glow like you’re from the sunshine state.
Chanel Sunrise Collection.  Spring 2016
Anyone who knows me will know that I’m obsessed with the sunrise, and sunset. It’s a miracle that happens once a day, every day, yet never gets boring. I was super excited to see that the makeup is inspired by this very magical moment, in one of the worlds most exciting cities. The collection consists of eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushers, and mascaras to reflect and capture the flamboyant and overflowing energy of California, especially at sunrise. I’m talking about the glowy, romantic, ombré colours, that glisten the ocean and nature, fused with the vibrancy of LA’s famous architecture.
I think my visualisation is working… I can already see Chateau Marmont on the horizon… Cocktail in hand of course!
Here’s are a few of my favourites
Sunset Trip Nail Polish – £18.00


Not exactly blue, or purple. Les Vernis Nail Gloss Sunrise Trip shows off a glossy shine that shimmers in the sunlight. Like an Amerhis with an enigmatic aura. The bottom image is what it looks like with one coat, and the top, two coats. It’s quite inky and dark with two coats, so if you want to go for the unusual blue/purple tone, I would only apply one.
Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eyeliner – £19.00


These colours captivate the energy of the West Coast. The Feverent Blue rides the crest of the waves with the surfers. We all like a surfer don’t we? I seriously can’t wait to try these out on the beach, and did I mention they were waterproof? Also available in Pacific Green and Purple Choc.
Illusion D’Ombre Eyeshadow – Absolute Light – £25.00


These amazing eyeshadows are transformed under the sun. This Ocean Light is explosive. Intense and the pigment is so strong it doesn’t fade. The one above is Griffin Green, and it’s insanely glittery, and even looks better as it fades. Apply with the brush or fingers. I prefer fingers. Also available in Moonlight Pink, and Ocean Light.
Rouge Coco Shine Lipshine – £25.00


These lipsticks glisten with the LA sun. They are hydrating and weightless on the lips yet pigmented strong enough to last for hours. This lipstick is called Shipshape, but make sure you try out Energy and Mighty. Like all Chanel lipsticks, they do not disappoint, the look and smell amazing, and last al day.
Sun kissed Ribbon Exclusive Creation Blusher – £44.00


When the sun peaks it’s head over the Californian Ocean, ribbons of colour are traces in the sky in a multitude of shades. The Sunkiss Ribbon reproduces this in a multitude of shades – fuschua pink, soft coral, and copper beige which all blend magically to mimic the sky and illuminate the skin. It creates a warm tone on the skin, giving the completion a subtle tan and natural glow.
I hope this made you feel excited, happy and glowy, inside and out?
Available January 29th from Chanel concessions, Nationwide.

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