Eyeko Eyeliner Bar


When I heard about the new Eyeko Eyeliner Bar launching in Selfridgeslast week I couldn’t believe that no one else had thought of it until now. It’s kind of genius. Want a cat eye like Alexa, but can’t quite manage to get your flicks on fleek…? Then this is the place for you.  All you do is choose from the menu above and one of the eyeliner experts from the Eyeko team will transorm your eyes from basic to badass in minutes.
Last week I headed down to the Eyeko Eyeliner and Lash Bar in Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge (their flagship) to get mine done. Too be honest, I was nervous and curious (in a cynical way) about how it would turn out, only because, until recently, I have been wearing a 60’s flick my entire makeup life, and can probably do my eyeliner with my eyes closed. So unlike me, who always gets asked to asked to do other people’s eyeliner, I have never let anyone else touch my eyes…they never seem to get it right.
I arrived eyeliner, and mascara-less to Harvey Nicols, and was welcomed to the counter by the amazing Isabel, who heads up the Eyeko team in London. If you’re not aware of Eyeko, they are a UK based makeup brand which focus on they eyes only. The counter reflects their rock n roll aesthetic – it’s super cool, dark, glossy, and futuristic. The hologram (above) and the screens demonstrate what each product does and the looks that can be created. The possibilities are endless, but the 8 eyeliner menu is inspired by the some of the most ‘eyekonic’ eyeliner looks from Alexa Chung (the Eyeko Ambassador) Audrey Hepburn, Kate Moss and Bridget Bardot, created to make your lives easier. I wanted the Alexa, but as you can see below, ended up with the Bardot.
Isabel working her magic
Front view

Each look is created using a different eyeliner. For my Alexa/Bardot, Isabel used the Alexa Eye Do which has a precision tip to create the perfect line. It was done in seconds. I was so scared I would hate it. I even stopped Isabel midway to take a picture for my Instagram page and was shocked at how thick it was…but I had to suck it up, and let her do her thing.
When she was finished, I couldn’t believe how amazing it looked.
So lesson learned – I realised how easy it is to get into a makeup rut. Even when you’re used to knowing each line and shape of your face, and the way you always look. Having someone else do your makeup helps you break free and experiment.
Side view 
Before I had my eyeliner done, I was offered a Bespoke Mascarawhich would be made up on the day. It’s something that Eyeko do which is tailored to your personal eyelash needs. There are over 100 possibilitie, therefore the mascara’s don’t have names. It’s great if you’re like me and think your lashes are a lost cause, and you’re totally clueless about how to make them look better. You even get it in a cute box with a mirror and guitar pick which can also make an amazing gift as the box is personalised with your initials.
My Bespoke Mascara

So, Isabel diagnosed me – long eyelashes but they are super fine and straight so they need help with curling and volume. She found me a formula from a tray of about 20 mascara’s and combined it with a brush tailored to my needs, and applied it using a lash boost which I will review later this month. My eyelashes looked insane. I have never seen them look better. I’m not a fake lash fan, and I swear these looked like extensions, but still natural. It was a miracle! I was told that the formula is an ultra black colour, with locked in definition so it lasts all day. The gel and cellulose powder lets you build the lashes up and creates body and lift. The brush that was chosen for me helps to curve and manoeuver around the smaller lashes. It was so fast and easy to do. I’m super excited to try it myself at home.
Finally, Isabel sorted my eyebrows out as they had rubbed off slightly and were not symmetrical.

I would highly reccomend Eyeko eyelash/eyebrow/eyeliner bars to everyone. It’s a fairly new brand, and even though they have put a lot of effort into their marketing and celebrity endorsement, I genuinely think that they do some of the best eyeliner pens on the market. Also, if you’re like me and think you know your sh*t when it comes to your eyeliner, try having someone else do it for you, it’s liberating and might change your opinion about your face. You’ll see yourself with brand new eyes.
Eyeliner Bar £15 includes Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner
Alexa Chung Eye Do Eyelier £15

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