Getting Lashed

Eyeko Black Magic Lash Boost
OMG! think I might have discovered the most life changing makeup product of all time. The Eyeko Black Magic Lash Boost which by sheer magic, has finally given me eyelashes! Hooray!
I discovered this amazing product when I had my Bespoke Mascara made at the Eyeko Lash Bar in Harvey Nicholls a few weeks ago. Lash Boost is made from 100% natural plant-based fibres with Pro-Vitamin B, and coloured with Blackberry extract. Packaged in a cute glass bottle, and an easy to use applicator, the tiny hairlike, black glittery fibres, stick to your eyelashes to create natural, yet dramatically longer and thicker eyelashes – kind of the same look that lash extensions do. It is so easy to use and feels so weightless, you forget that they’re there. Here’s how you use them –
Apply one coat of mascara – look down – coat the upper lashes with the lash boost (outer lashes) – seal with another coat of mascara – repeat.
A few points to be aware of are, to always make sure your eyelashes are wet, or the lash boost will not stick. Also, keep a dry, clean brush handy to sweep away any excess product. It does go everywhere. Do not go crazy with the boost like I did yesterday and apply too much – your eyelashes will end up looking ridiculous and clumpy. Too be honest, it’s hard not apply too much, but you have to resist, because the fibres do tend to stick together and clog the mascara brush. Less is definitely more.
Once the eyelash boost is on, you will forget you have it on as it doesn’t flake, it’s weightless, and comes off super easy with eyemakeup remover.
My lash game is so strong right now, I no longer need top liner. It’s the best discovery I have probably ever made. I told myself I would only use it on special occasions, but I have been wearing it every day. I look so awake, it’s insane!
Available from Selfridges and Harvey Nichols

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