Bare Minerals Skin Longevity Serum

Kiss goodbye to Kale, the Long Life Herb is here, and it’s packed with antioxidents that will not only make you look younger, it will make you glow like a goddess. Skincare brand Bare Minerals who champion natural skin, have turned to an area called Okinawa (Island of Long Life) part of the Japanese Islands, where women thrive and live longer than any other place in the world.

Before you book your flight, don’t worry, you can buy this stuff in a bottle. The new Skin Longevity Vital Power Infusion is a new Serum from Bare Minerals which is infused with the Long Life Herb – the first of its kind which unleashes skin’s vitality, youthful resilience, and radiance. Its powered by SkinMimtic Technology to empower your skins luminosity, replensih, renew, and fortify against signs of ageing. The vitamin rich coastal soil herb that local residents in Okinawa thrive on has a higher mineral and vitamin content than our favourite superfood, Kale, which helps enhance the skin making it look younger and more radiant. It also contains Californian Poppy, and Lemouyang Ginger extracts which help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


We all know that the Japanese anti age game is so strong – green tea, soya, fish, vegetables, as well as lifestyle. These are all a big part of their culture, and contributes massively to younger looking skin, and life expectancy. The Japanese always look younger than their actual age, it’s incredible. Bare Minerals have taken these factors into consideration when creating new skincare products. Beautiful skin needs to come from within, which is what the brand is all about – enhancing your natural skin to make it glow, rather than covering it up with makeup. This sounds daunting, even to me who has good skin, as I do love foundation. Before I reveal my foundationless face to the world, I have to be super confident about how my skin looks, but I totally get it, skin needs to look like skin, so this all does come down to your skincare.

I have been using this for a couple of weeks now, not long enough to know if it has lasting effects, but I have dinintely noticed that my skin looks naturally smooth and seems to be glowing from within, rather than its surface. Use one or two pump to apply on clean skin before your moisturiser. It’s light, absorbed easily into skin without leaving any residue and has a subtle citrus scent. Makeup applied on top looks really great as the serum keeps skin looking super hydrated and glowy. If you’re a kale fan, I would definitly get some of this Long Life Herb in your life.


Available 2nd June from Debenhams

16th June from Bare Minerals and Department Stores Nationwide

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