EKIA Eye Lift Serum


I have changed jobs recently so my schedule has changed. I wake up super early and my commute is so long I’m always tired. I looked in the mirror around a month ago and couldn’t believe how rapidly I had aged. I have no wrinkles, but my eyelids looked like they were half way down my face! Okay slight exaggeration, but they were looking pretty saggy.

I look after myself, and have been told that I have the skin of a 27 year old (after a skin test of course! I’m in my mid 30s) but my skincare game is SO strong, and my lifestyle is pretty healthy (boring) so I put it down to that. The eyelid droop however, is something I have inherited (thanks Mum)and until now, it’s a problem I though was incurable without botox.

I came across EKIA Eyelid Lifting Gel during my first week of work when my eyes were looking swollen, saggy and old. I have never really used eye creams because I am always allergic, so I wasn’t aware that there were products out there which target one specific area of the eye.

The results of this gel are phenomenal, I can honestly swear that I have never used an eye cream which has such instant effects. I looked as if I had stuck invisible tape onto my eyelids – they looked and felt instantly firmer, brighter, and I looked more awake and younger. I couldn’t believe it, and after a month’s use, my eyelids are looking good again and as an additional bonus, so are my eyebrows which seem more angular and sharp now that the skin is lifted. The gel itself is clear and absorbs straight into the skin. It’s not greasy at all, feels really cool which is nice, and can be used day and night.

This eyelid firming gel is made from organically certified ingredients –

Sap from an Amazonian tree – the sap of Sangre del drago, which has been used for centuries by Amazonian’s to heal wounds. It is actually the main active ingredient of all of the EKIA range (+40% in cell regeneration).

Carrageen Moss extract – a red sea plant extract which has amazing wrap-around virtues and forms a micro-mesh on the skin surface which, as it dries up, instantly lifts the eyelid.

Maritime Blue Thistle – an extract that helps strengthening the skin layers.

Natural hyaluronic acid – helps restoring the hydrolipidic film of the skin.

If you want to drop the droop, I would highly recommend this gel.


Available from Ekia



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