Colour WOW Brass Banned Mousse


Being an unnatural blonde, my hair needs a lot of attention. I condition it every day and use treatment masques once a week to keep in healthy. To maintain my blonde colour, I have to use a silver shampoo to take out any brassiness which is the inevitable  yellow colour which develops on bleached hair.

I use a great silver shampoo from Bleach London which I have been using for years and it’s amazing at keeping my colour in check. The only downside to it is that I have to leave it on for at least 15 minutes each time. Of course impatient and busy me does not have time, and I find standing in the shower with blue shampoo dripping off my hair really boring and uncomfortable.

The new Brass Banned Colour Mousse from Colour WOW has totally stepped up and changed my silver rinse game. This lavender coloured, colour-correcting mousse is a non-alcohol, non-drying formula containing specially blended polymers which counteracts harsh brassy blonde tones instantly. I cannot believe how easy and effective it is.

All you do is apply the mousse to washed wet hair before blow drying, like a normal mousse, but add it to the ends, or where you need the colour correction. Blow dry, and your done – your colour will look shiny and new.

I don’t think I have ever used a product that has made such a huge difference to my hair. The next day, everyone thought I had dyed my hair blonde, its amazing.

Also, brunette babes, Brass Banned Mousse is also available for dark hair as a light teal color, which counteracts brassy tones, returning brown hair to its original richness and depth


Available from Colour Wow and John Frieda

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