Sleek Rockstars Collection


If you know me personally, you will know that the Crush with Eyeliner look is always a little Rock n Roll. Dark eyeliner, glitter, highlighter, and a strong lip…sometimes all at once. It never looks too made up because the finish I go for is always iridescent. I wear this makeup during the day with a soft pink lipstick, and if I go out. I darken my eyeliner, and lipstick. It’s pretty easy really, and this day to night look will get you through party season.

The new Rockstars Collection from Sleek embodies everything I believe in when it comes to makeup, and the rules –

 ‘Rock it’ however you want!

Here’s the super cool packagingThis collection has been launched for Christmas, and they are intense, super glam, and sparkly. Inspired by dazzling precious stones, the packing and designs captivate diamond hues, making them look super expensive.

Diamonds In The Rough i-Lust Palette

This palette is my favourite. It has all of the gold shimmery colours that I can use in the day and night. It comes with six amazing colours from rose, gold, iridescent pink and champagne beige. Two of them are creams so that you can use them to highlight and strobe on other areas of the face such as brow bone, nose, and cupids bow. These eyeshadows are so shimmery and even though they are all along the same colour palette, they are so individual, so you can wear them alone or blend them. It comes with a brush and applicator that comes with the palette works so well to smudge and blend.


Hidden Gems i-Lust Palette

Okay so this palette is definitely for the evening. It contains six intensely pigmented shades – ruby red, intense amethyst, shimmering sapphire and emerald green. If like me, you’re not into wearing these shades, you can actually lightly dust them over eyelids for a really subtle shade. They actually look great, especially the silver and gold. If you want the Chanel Kristen Stewart look, try our Ruby Tuesday on lids, it looks amazing. Definitely use the brush end of the applicator for these. If you want more of a stronger look, use the sponge, and then blend.


Strobing Soufflé

This strobing Souffle is insane! I wore it over a dark eyeshadow and it created the most amazing, glittery finish, and lasts all day.It brightens makeup and can be also used on other areas of the face too. The innovative formula is literally whipped so that it melts straight into the skin, and reflects the light,  adding a luminous glow. This works over any eyeshadow, not just Sleek, so I have been using it every day. It comes in two colours – Pink Opal which is a shimmery pink, and Smoky Quartz, a sparkly, translucent gold.



How amazing are these lipsticks? Wow! The gorgeous diamond shape makes you never want to wear these! The colours on these are intense. I personally didn’t suit Superstar (amethyst purple) but those darker lip lovers will really like this. The Scandalous lipstick (Ruby Red) again is darker than my usual colour, but with a gold eyeshadow (see above) iridescent highlighting, and black mascara, this lip looks incredible. See mine below. The lipsticks are highly pigmented and are super moisturising. Here’s my makeup from the launch.

This collection is limited edition and they are so inexpensive they make amazing gifts. My personal fav’s are the soufflés and the lipstick. Get them while you can.

Available from Boots.



  1. I have been behind the palette (Diamonds in the rough)since the release and it was yesterday when finally I could but one!!! They were always sold out. Is gorgeous! Xxx


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