All I want for Christmas is… Mariah Carey x MAC


OMFG! I haven’t been this excited about a MAC collection since the Disney Venomous Villains. Mariah Carey for MAC Cosmetics is everything you would expect from the Diva herself – golds, glitters, bronzers, nudes, pinks, and the most insane blingin’ packaging you can imagine. It’s a dream…oh sorry, I mean it’s a sweet, sweet fantasy…

I’m actually recreating the ‘Honey’ video look in my head as I write this. If you look at Mariah’s instagram page you can see that her makeup look has not changed for a while – that million dollar luminous skin, a nude or pink lip, a soft smokey eye, and she’s always surrounded by diamonds. It’s super cheesy and so early 00’s but I love it and in the Kardashian world that we live in today, you can see that Mariah was doing it waaay before Ms West.


Let’s face it, this collection isn’t exactly modern, it’s a nostalgic nod towards the days when R&B and its divas were at their best and we were all wearing the makeup; a look that is still relevant and cool AF today (See Kylie Jenner’s snapchat).

To create this look, it’s all there in the collection, so all you need to do is add a sprinkle of sass!

Here’s some of my favourites:


The collection highlight is the highlighter, the amazing Extra Dimension Skin Finish in My Mimi (£26.50) and the Touch My Body Gold Shimmer Loose Powder (£26.50) will give you the Mariah glow. The collection also includes an eye shader brush (£21), two eyeshade palettes – Im That Chick You Like and It’s Everything (£27.50), four shades of lip gloss (£16.50), five shades of lip stick (£17.00), two lip pencils (£17.00), a liquid eyeliner This is my Night (£17.00), Mascara in Don’t Shame me and It’s Like That Y’all (£11.50) and two shades of blush Sweet Sweet Fantasy and You Got Me (£20).  I will let the rest of the names of the products be a surprise because they’re insane.

This collection is glam, camp, fun, and there’s enough products to create everything from the good innocent Mariah to the bad and naughty Mariah we have all grown to love.

Available from Debenhams on December 8th

and MAC and other department stores on December 12th

See you there!


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