New Yardley English Freesia Perfume


Spring is finally here! I believe that each seasons is vital to transformation and the evolution of not only plants and animals, but for humans too. Spring for me is about newness, broadening your horizons and about celebrating light and colour after the darkness of the winter – longer and sunnier days, brighter clothes, new makeup looks, and cherry blossoms.

There’s no better way to celebrate spring’s arrival than a new fragrance, and the NEW English Freesia from Yardley is just that – spring in a bottle.

Freesia is the 7th anniversary flower which symbolises friendship. It has a sweet, fresh citrus scent which is uplifting, energising and floral. I sprayed it all over today before I left the house – all over my clothes and hair because I didn’t feel guilty about the price. The scent is vintage and airy with a delicate incense top note and a  musky-woody amber background, making it smell masculine and expensive.  I’m really getting into gender neutral fragrances at the moment but they are so expensive. This Yardley perfume costs less than £15 and it’s just as fresh, woody and strong as a Byredo perfume, I love it! Here’s a breakdown of the fragrance:

Top note –  Lemon, Mandarin, Cypress and Lavender

Heart – Freesia, Muguet (Lily of the Valley), Ginger and Pepper

Base – Sandalwood, Musk, Olibanum, Amber Crystals.

Yardley are famous for capturing the delicate fragrance of English Flowers since 1770. For less than £10 this perfume is so amazing and I just love the vintage packaging.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch where I got the chance to paint and customise my own bottle.  I had no idea what to do and too be honest, I was terrified because the last time I painted was when I was 5 or 6 years old.  I have no artistic flair and one of new years resolutions for 2017 was to be more creative. At the launch I painted to floral bottle (below) and I am so proud of it because I had no idea what I was doing I just improvised and got slightly carried away.  In real life it actually looks pretty cool, promise….

You can totally paint and pimp up bottle too!

Before I started painting

After I got my paint on….

Here’s my bottle

Hand and Body Spray

This luxurious nourishing hand cream contains Freesia extract and shea butter, peach Bergamot oil, antioxidant vitamin E and chia seed oil. The formula is rich in essential fatty acids, Bergamot and vitamins to hydrate and protect hands.

This is a fantastic inexpensive perfume which makes the most amazing gift. If you are into vintage and masculine scents, this is definitely one for you. The bottle looks cool and vintage and if you want to take a risk and paint your bottle like I did, definitely go for it.

Eau de Toilette £9.99 50m and £14.99 125 ml

Body Spray £2.49 75ml

Nourishing Hand Cream £4.49 100ml

Available from Yardly

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