Eco Tools – Vegan & Cruelty Free Makeup Brushes and Sponges

They key to good makeup is your tools.  I used to be a simple hands and fingers girl but until I started using foundation brushes and sponges to apply my base and realised how game changing these simple tools are.  I have been using sponges to apply my makeup for a year now… yes totally late to the party, but it’s changed everything for me.  My foundation finish is sheer and looks so much more natural, even and perfect.  Finally, when it comes to applying your eyeshadow, contour and highlighter, the magic is all in the brushes. 

As brushes are big business in the beauty industry and come in range of styles and prices, I wanted to let you know about Eco Tools which are 100% cruelty free, vegan (certified by Peta), environmentally friendly as they are made with renewable bamboo and packaged in recyclable material that is made of 100% Tree-Free paper.  

What’s more, they have collaborated with The Girl Project, a national non-profit initiative created by Glamour magazine to support global efforts to send girls everywhere to school. All the above is a no brainer for me. I’m a vegetarian and even though I’m not super precious, I don’t really fancy animal fur all over my face and sacrificing animals for the sake of a perfect contour.  For those of you who aren’t too concerned, they’re pretty good brushes too! I know so many great makeup artists who use them in their kit.

Eco Tools have a huge range of brushes, so here’s n of my favourites – 

What’s great about these brushes is, that they are labelled so you know what which one does. I have actually realised I have been using my Micro Blending brush for my eyeshadow! Oops! Its actually a fantastic brush for me eyeshadows and prefer to use the mini sponges (below) to smoke the eyeshadow out and a different mini sponge for any highlighting or concealer blending. 

Brow Shaping Duo – £4.25

Anything that helps me with my eyebrows is a winner. This brow shaping duo is under £5 which is crazy cheap compared to other brushes on the market. I use the angled liner brush to paint on my brow ink and shape my brows. I then use the spool to comb the product out making it look more natural and less intense. I then perfect my brows after a few minutes and define them further using the mini sponge below. 

Define And Highlight Duo – £10.25

This Define & Highlight Duo is designed with 2 brushes to naturally sculpt and illuminate your favorite facial features. After applying my contour with my sponge below, I use this super soft blusher brush to apply my bronzer. It feels soft, as if it was made from real fur…. and holds the powder while I sweep across my cheeks. I know that sounds totally wrong, but it is so soft it really does feel like animal fur, its amazing!

The fan brush is my absolute favourite! I use to apply my illuminator. I have never used a fan brush before and though it was a gimmick but the finish this brush leaves on the bridge or by nose and cheekbones is incredible, like no other.


Perfecting Blender Duo – £8.54 (top)

Who knew that makeup sponges and blenders could be ethical. These Perfecting Blender Duo are designed with EcoFoam® Technology made of 70% plant-based materials. They come in two sizes and densities to create a camera ready look. The Large Base Blender is soft and flexible to create light, buildable makeup application and the Mini Detail Blender is firmer for more precise and detailed coverage.  I use these wet by running under a tap, squeezing the excess and then using a towel for one last squeeze. I then dot my foundation on and then blend over my skin without pressing too hard. The round base blends and the flat surface evens out the product. The wedge gets into your creases like the nose and where you need precision. I wash mine daily, but you can do it weekly if you wish. 

Color Perfecting Minis – £6.83 (bottom right)

I absolutely love these Colour Correcting Mini sponges. They are designed with EcoFoam® Technology to flawlessly correct your complexion.  I use them to apply my eyeshadow, blend out my smokey eye, make corrections especially to my eyebrows after applying gel and pencil. They come as a pack of four and each sponge is color coded to use with formulas that counteract redness (mint), dark circles (pink), dullness (lilac) and dark spots (peach). Use them for applying concealer too and they can be used wet and dry as above.


This Contour Perfecting Applicator is designed to sculpt cheekbones, highlight and perfect with a simple sweep. What’s great about this is the fact that its a hand held want with a curve and point, creating the contour line and then blend. Create a dark line under the cheekbones by dabbing the sponge straight onto your contour cream or powder and blend the colour out. When cleaning, submerge the sponge into water only.

Modern Romance Collection – £12.77

This Modern Romance Collection looks amazing in your makeup kit and also makes an amazing gift. It contains a foundation brush, angled blush brush, eye full eye shadow shading and defining brushes, and a soft lid brush.

Limited Edition Anniversary Collection – £17.03

How gorgeous is this limited-edition brush collection features six face and eye brushes to create a fresh, healthy-looking glow with the brush holder? It contains the amazing Airbrushed Finishing brush, Setting brush, Spoolie brush for eyebrows, Angles Crease Brush for eyes, flat eyeliner brush and the eye and lip brush.

If you’re trying to be more ethical in your beauty choices, and be more clean, then this is the brand for you. I know its difficult, but small and unnoticeable changes make a huge difference and such a great impact.  They’re cheap too, so what’s stopping you?

Available from Boots


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