Shades of Blonde – Here’s how you get rid of brassy and dull blonde hair

Getting the right shade of blonde for someone with dark brown hair is difficult. I colour my hair every 4 months and my recent trip to the hairdresser left my hair looking a warmer shade of gold which some might call ginger!  A few days later my niece told me that when she grows up she wants ‘orange’ hair like Aunty Jaz! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

My hairdresser is amazing, and sometimes these things happen, so until she has time to fix the ginge, I have been washing my hair every day with the new Charles Worthington Colour Enhancer Ultra Violet Shampoo.  This shampoo is incredible! It has completely toned down the orange leaving my balayage a warm and super cute rose gold on top blending into super blonde (almost white blonde) towards the ends.  Also, every time I use it in addition to my regular shampoo, it always makes my hair look softer and shinier than normal.  Its amazing!

Brassed Off! 

I have written about Silver shampoo before. Its amazing for bleached hair, balayage, highlights and even for natural blondes as it removes brassy yellow tones out of blonde hair which is a build up of product and environmental damage, leaving it looking bright and new.

This new Charles Worthington Colour Enhancer Ultra Violet Shampoo is one of the best ones I have used. Its only £7.99 from boots but do not let this fool you, it has salon-strength with an intense violet toning formula to banish stubborn brassiness. All you do is wash into hair like a normal shampoo and leave in for 5 minutes before rinsing. As I was trying to cool down my roots, I only applied it to my roots so just add it to the area you wish to focus on and if its your whole head of hair thats great, my bottle is still full and I have used it every day for 3 weeks. Also, what makes this different from other silver shampoos is the hydrating Guarana which makes hair super soft making it so much more tempting to use every day

Available from Boots £7.99


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