Raise your Brow Game with Eylure 

Brows are Big. As in they’re still relevant and physically big too… the Insta Brow, Feather Brow, Brow Lace Wig, Glitter Brow and the microblading trend means we’re still Fleaking Out about Brows!

Dua Lipa, Solange,Gillter Brows, Feather Brow

That’s cool, because when it comes to my eyebrows, there’s always room for improvement as mine are always changing shape and never look like they’re expected on Instagram. 

After a few years of experimenting with gel and powder, I thought I had my brow game on point until I went to a brow workshop with Eylure and their brow expert Sal, Eyebrow King which completely changed everything. We all know your Brow shape is a game changer. It can make or break your face. The perfect arch can make you look younger, cooler, your face more structured, yet a bad Brow can make you look old, stunned, tired. Sal explained the structure of the brow and its proportions according to the shape of your face and finally, which products you should be using – it basically changed my brow life. 

Below is an image of my face which shows the measurements of my eyebrow according to my face. You can use a pencil to define it yourself which should be a line from your inner eye (or outer lip) to the inner eyebrow and no further, the outer edge of eye to end (length) of brow. Your arch should measure up with the centre of your eye. Below is my eyebrow and face which gives a clearer picture.


I have been experimenting with Eylure products now for a while as they also have so many products such as Brow Stencils, Semi Permanent tints,  Brow Tamer, Contour Sticks and more. Below are my favs –

Brow Pencil


Pop this baby in your bag for emergencies. Need a little brow touch up during the day, after work, or after the gym? Then this is the product for you. This Brow pencil is ideal for a firm textured look that will build up colour nicely and naturally.  I use mine in the middle of my brow after brushing out the brow to add more definition. The sharpness of the pencil can create hair like lines which mimic strands. It lasts all day and is so soft and easy to use. It comes 4 different shades – Black, Dark Brown, Mid Brown and Blonde. This pencil will not only condition and nourish but will leave you with amazing looking brows.

Brow Pomade


I love this Brow Pomade in Medium Brown.  It’s a creamy, long-lasting brow colour that provides colour, sculpting and shading for the brows. I apply it using the Brush & Wand Duo following the shape of the brows and use the flat end of the brush to fill my eyebrows in. The pomade is very pigmented so go easy on the cream and build your brow up slowly for a natural look. Once its applied, brush the pomade out with the wand which makes the colour less intense and dense. Once the pomade is on and brushed out I add the liner above. The great thing about this pomade is that if you make mistakes it rubs out easily with a sponge or pads without smudging. I actually do that on most days and it has never stained. The colour stays put all day, even on super hot summer days due to it being humidity and waterproof. Available in Dark Brown, Mid Brown and Blonde this is a one-stop product for beautifully full brows

Brow Palette


For those of you gifted with thick brows, this is the product for you. It’s less precise than the other products above and the finish is softer and more natural as the brush is thicker and you will be using powder. The palette consists of a wax, dark powder and light powder to highlight. At first I found this difficult to use as I do need to fill my eyebrows in and so used to using the pomade however with practice I have gotten used to it. The wax comes on easily, it doesn’t move or feel greasy and wet allowing the powder to stick and leave a soft and highly pigmented finish. It’s less pointy than the other two so great for defining already thick eyebrows. 

Available from Eylure, Boots and Superdrug


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