For your eyes only – Build your own mascara with Eyeko

I wrote about the Eyeko Bespoke Mascara two years ago when I visited their lash bar in Harvey Nichols. At the time, it was a total game changer for me because I didn’t realise what my natural eyelashes were like and what I needed to make them better as I was always clueless about mascara and felt it wasn’t as important as my eyeliner. 

A few weeks ago, I went back, but this time to their Selfridges concession and I can confirm that, again, Eyeko saved my eyelashes!

Just like my eyebrows, my eyelashes aren’t the best, they’re long but fine, just like my hair so they always need extra attention.  I don’t like fake lashes, but since discovering the Eyeko Magic Lash Boost two years ago, haven’t looked back.  The lash booster, isn’t for every day though, so it’s been difficult creating the full effect I wanted to achieve on a daily basis.  

When I got the the lash bar, I was asked what I wanted from my eyelashes, but the truth is, I didn’t know what I wanted to achieve, only for them to look better. That’s why the lash expert at the Eyeko Eyeliner and Lash bar are so useful, they’re like your eyelash doctors where you tell them what’s wrong, and they solve your problem.

They take a good look at your lashes and ask you how you would like them to look and then diagnose you with your bespoke brush and mascara formula. The day I went in, my lashes were having a good day and actually looking great, so I thought I would challenge them, but to my dismay, they told me that mine were super long, looked great but needed a boost to make them look fuller.  They also told me that when applying mascara, I miss my inner and outer lashes which aren’t as long so my new mascara will make them even better. I was therefore prescribed with a curved brush which is slim enough to reach those areas, and a formula to thicken.

There are 100’s of possibilities for these bespoke mascara’s so they don’t have names, only numbers so each one really is tailor-made for you. They have so many brushes and formulas its incredible that each one is different and tailor made for you.

They also come in a super cool box which has your initials, and inside, contain a guitar pick which is also an eyelash comb.

And the box has a mirror! 

My mascara

Okay, so the box looks cool, but does the mascara deliver? Well, yes, the mascara itself doesn’t disappoint so don’t worry about it being all style without substance. Eyeko only make products for eyes so they’re real experts and the staff at their counters are really helpful and passionate. My mascara is really black which is great and it makes my eyelashes look really thick, volumous and eye opening. It’s lightweight, doesn’t clump and dries quickly, but not too quickly so you can add layers. The brush is fantastic, the middle of course boosts my centre super long lashes and the tip gets into those inner corners. I love this mascara, its perfect. My only negative feedback is that it’s difficult to remove every trace and I only realised weeks later that the bits I couldn’t remove were fibres in the magic lash boost. In fact, they go all over your sink, but they don’t stain as it’s just fibre and the trick get them off your lashes, is to gently pull them with your fingers and run it under a tap. 

If you fancy being diagnosed with a mascara to boost your eyelash game, head to Selfridges for your diagnosis, you wont regret it. 



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