Brush up on your makeup application with Real Techniques

Makeup brushes were one thing I never felt like I needed to invest in. I like my makeup and skincare to require as little effort as possible, with maximum effects, you know, quickly slap it on and look like you have spent hours on it. I know that’s asking for a lot, but I really don’t have an hour to spend on my face every morning before work and when I go out, I am always running late so I spend a round 15 minutes on my makeup, applying half of it on my way to the venue. I do always wonder what I would look like if I spend an hour doing my makeup.  Would I look like Kim Kardashian?  I highly doubt it.

I used to apply makeup with my fingers – my foundation, concealer, eyeshadow and cream blusher. I know some people, especially makeup artists are trying to bring the fingers back, but using tools definitely makes a difference to the final look and application of your makeup. A great brush can make a cheap product look amazing on the skin, and equally the reverse, an expensive blusher or eyeshadow applied with the wrong brush can look cheap and totally wrong.  You cannot create a smokey eye without brushes, it’s impossible, and foundations have a better finish with certain brushes and sponges. The brush quality also helps too, but there are so many on the market right now it’s difficult to find a collection that’s great value for money and delivers. Some of the cheaper brands you can buy in boots are just as good as the super expensive ones in Space NK. I have been trying out a few now and highly recommend one of the industry’s favourite vegan and cruelty free brand, the Real Techniques Multi Tech Collection.

The MultiTech collection from Real Techniques is created with one universal cut in order to provide limitless ways to play with the product and apply the makeup. The tapered point provides detail and the mega base lets you blend. I know that most brushes have this, but the angles on these brushes are amazing and really helps to blend in certain areas like the inner sockets of the eyes, the lash line and cheek bones. The extreme taper has a superior pickup and application of any product and the tip is firm yet flexible enough to blend and apply product in contours of the face.

What’s great about the these brushes is that they come without your standard makeup brush labels, and encourages you to unleash your playful side and create limitless beauty. It’s great for rule breakers like me! Whether you’re using liquids or powders, want a smokey eye or a soft contour, the possibilities are endless with these brushes. The collection comprises of eight pieces suitable across all facial features, seven brushes and one sponge. They have also been deliberately names after their size which ranges from Point XXXS to Point XXXL.  

The full Powder Point XXXL (£18.00) is so soft and the perfect size for the face. The bristles are amazingly soft but aren’t overly fluffy so the firmness holds onto the powder delivering an even and natural effect. The Point L (£16.00) is my blusher brush which is cut to perfection! I absolutely love it! I use it to apply my bronzer as I don’t use blusher and it is the best because it picks up product without leaving any residue so doesn’t waste the product, it holds onto it on the brush and it transfers it onto the cheeks with precision. The point helps to create the contour and the thickest part goes on my cheeks. I only need a few gentle strokes and its done! This brush again is soft but firm. Its my absolute favourite! 


These brushes are amazing. They come in 4 sizes, and metal brush holder and the actual brushed are used for detailed application and precision blending. The smallest one (XXXS) can be used for brow filling, eyeliner, lip liner or smudging. XXS for eyeshadow and blending, XS for concealers and creases and S for highlighter. What’s great about these brushes is their versatility, I would never use this many brushes for my eyes so it’s great that I can use the XXS and XS for highlighting and concealing and 4 brushes for £30 is such great value for money.


I love this little makeup sponge as it’s the perfect size for foundation, and then the point can get into the creases and corners of the face. I have two so I actually use on for blending my highlighter. I love the point on this which creates a perfect angle for my cheekbones. It can be used dry but I prefer to use it wet but submerging it in water and squeeze out the excess with a tissue. It comes with a metallic sponge holder which is so useful for storage.

When it comes to Real Technique brushes, believe the hype, they are all that and really great value for money.  Sam and Nicole Chapman have done such a great job. You can even check out the Real Techniques YouTube for more info.

Thank me later! Jaz x 

Available from Real Techniques, Boots and Superdrug 

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