Holding on to summer with this MALIN+GOETZ Dark Rum fragrance

MALIN+GOETZ are a super stylish New York brand which can be found in nice hotels and restaurants in the States, a little like Aesop hand wash and moisturiser over here in the UK which are always in fancy places.  The company was founded in 2004, by two very chic men called Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz who opened their first store in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood. Their modern apothecary approach to luxury skincare was to provide easy-to-use treatments that are both gentle and effective for both men and women with all skin types and they have everything from hand wash, candles, body products and facial skin care. The packaging, like their stores are clean, minimal and very New York trendy. They look great and the name itself adds class to any bathroom. 


What I love most about the brand is that Matthew and Andrew offer the highest quality products by supporting their fellow local businesses. Every formula is personally created by them in collaboration with trusted chemists local to their operations in New York and they even manufacture their products with other small, family-run businesses in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Brooklyn where the candles are made. 


The signature and best selling Dark Rum fragrance is my latest scent. It’s unusual for me to go for a scent like this as I normally go for fresh feminine floral notes but I’m obsessed with it. Whether you’re a rum fan or not, do not be put off by the name, because like me, when you think of dark rum, they words that come to mind are a moody, sweet and sticky, however, this smells zesty, uplifting and yes sweet, but slightly masculine. Its a sexy perfume and on the right girl or guy, this scent is intoxicating and super hot! The perfume is gender neutral with top notes of zesty bergamot, anise and plum. The Leather, rum and Vanilla add the warm masculine tones and the patchouli, alluring amber and milk base even it out – basically all the surrounding notes evoke all the pleasures and feelings you get when you drink rum. I like mine on a beach with a good sound system playing in the background. 


The fragrance is super strong so you really don’t need to spray much and it lasts for hours and hours. This is a great summer scent and smells completely different on men and women. I will be wearing mine for the rest of the year to keep the summer spirit alive. 


Available from Malin+Goetz £125

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