Contouring for beginners using Cover FX

Contouring. Who is the first person who comes to mind? Kim Kardashian, right? It’s true, she is queen of contouring, however, many people do not know that makeup artists have been contouring waaaay before it became a thing.  Everyone can conour, even those who wear very little makeup or think it‘s uncool. It really does make your face look more structured and it can be subtle, so even the most cynical Kardashian haters can try it.

Contouring can look understated and natural and you don’t need much product to accentuate your features and change the shape of your face. Once you know how, it’s really easy. I personally think the best part of contouring is the end, which is the highlighting… yes, contouring and highlighting come together like a tag team – it really is necessary. A popping highlighter will instantly update your makeup and make you look super radiant and healthy.

I’m pretty new to contouring and started doing it using a powder a year ago and I can’t go a day without doing it now. For the days that I want more of a subtle look, like on the weekends, or for work, I thought I would experiment with a cream contour and highlighter. There are many on the market at all prices so I thought I would try it out with Cover FX who have recently launched into Selfridges.

Cover FX are a US brand and really well known for their incredible highlighter drops which you can watch being blended for hours on Instagram. Their foundations, in particular the Custom Cover Drops which you can mix with any base such as a serum or cream have become of a bit of a hit online too, so I thought I would try out a few products – the foundation, concealer and the cover clicks to highlight and contour. 


These little cover sticks (above) are so convenient to add to your handbag. They are lipstick size but packed with product. Each lightweight, compact Enhance Click is packed with product and contains 55% as much product as their full sized compact foundation. They come in the exact colour of the foundation so you can buy one just to keep as an emergency foundation for touch ups during the day, or buy a dark and highlighter to create your contour. While each can be purchased alone, they were specifically designed to fit into the innovative, double-ended Click Stick for ultimate convenience and portability. All you do is pop in each stick to the end and push out the one you need. It’s light, and easy to carry on the go.



I’m using a Cover Click in N100 which is a lot darker than my skin tone. There are 24 global shades of this longwearing formula which instantly conceals imperfections. If you are using it as a foundation, the creamy yet weightless texture glides on effortlessly and blends seamlessly for a perfect second skin finish. For contouring I use the dark colour and draw a straight line under the bone of my cheek, my cheekbone, also along my temple and jaw if needed. As you can see from the image of me with the arrows below, the purple lines are the contour which I draw sharply. If you can’t find your cheekbones, suck in your cheeks and draw under. Using a makeup sponge tap the line directly to blend. If you use a brush, blend upwards. I like using a brush for powder but I have found with these cream highlighters, a sponge or even the fingers are better. Remember to always blend upwards so there is a subtle line under your cheekbones. The colour of this one is great, it blends easily and looks really natural and subtle. I normally finish with bronzing powder to set the cream contour to make it last longer. 


It’s up to you how you wish to highlight. You can use a normal shade you would use to conceal with for a subtle look, or an illuminated highlighter to strobe and make your skin look radiant and glowing. I prefer the latter. a cream highlighter is a subtle approach to highlighting and I prefer a non glittery one for the day. Im using Cover FX illuminator in Bubbly which leaves a gorgeous ethereal glow which only catches in the light which makes my skin look radiant. 

I apply it last last on the top of my cheekbones, brow bone and cupids bow. I personally avoid my nose because it enlarges my pores, but if you want to, go ahead. I blend using my fingertips as I can control where it blends and the finish is a really lovely. It blends easily into my skin and doesn’t clash with the contour or ruin my foundation. I don’t set this as it will dull the glow. The final look is really natural and it lasts for hours. 



  • Draw a straight line along cheekbones, along jaw and forehead (optional) – Purple
  • Using a concealer, draw lines to make a triangle shape under eyes – Cream 
  • Use a concealer to draw a line on forehead (upwards) and along nose (down)- Cream 
  • Blend all highlighters using a brush or sponge 
  • Bend contour colour using a different brush upwards or a sponge
  • Set all makeup with translucent powder or the contour only using bronzer 
  • Highlight on top cheekbones (also brow bow and cupids bow) with a shimmer and blend – yellow 
  • To finish, make sure there are no straight lines on your face

It takes a bit of practice, but I promise its super easy after a few attempts. 


This Cream Concealer contains 27% pigment and is designed to cover imperfections using very little product. The creamy texture allows superior blendability and the formula is designed for use on the usual areas such as blemishes, dark spots, and under the eye. I use this under my eyes and the coverage is great for a small amount of product. It blends in nicely but I do have to use a little more powder than average to set it as the finish is quite dewy like the foundation. In terms of coverage, I think it’s great and really works for my skin tone. If you do need more coverage, I thought I wouldn’t be able layer this as I didn’t think it wouldn’t stay in place but it actually does. Also, what is great about this is that you don’t need to buy an eye cream as its loaded with anti-aging ingredients and antioxidants to help smooth skin and soften the appearance of fine lines for healthy, younger looking skin. My bags and dark circles aren’t too bad so this is a perfect product for me but if you do need more coverage try something else or use a correcting base.


This Natural Finish Foundation is available in 40 global shades and comes in G shades for golden, and N shades in Neutral. I would recommend going to the counter for a colour match before buying because it’s confusing – I thought I was neutral but turns out I am golden. It depends on your undertones so check before you buy. 

The coverage itself is great. They are highly pigmented yet you only need a small amount. The foundation leaves a natural and radiant finish and is buildable if you like a heavy look. It’s oil free and has a silky, hydrating feel that glides on the skin which I found slightly too oily at first. After around 10 minutes, it does settle and becomes semi matte, leaving a dewy finish. The foundation itself is loaded with skincare ingredients such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E to protect against free radicals so it looks after your skin as you wear it. I would recommend this foundation to those looking for a medium coverage and radiant finish. What’s great about Cover FX is that they have an extensive range of colours for all skin tones. I really like the packaging for this foundation, it’s compact the lid is so tight there is no way any product would ever spill.

I really like Cover FX products. I think their makeup represents the new and innovative brands that are coming out of the states and they are cruelty free, certified by PETA, Vegan and Gluten Free. They focus on ingredients and colour so you don’t have to load a whole lot of layers on to get a full coverage. They create foundation and concealer for skin that needs to look like real skin so I am sure they are a hit with makeup artists. I’ve been using the contour and highlighter now for a few days and seriously my skin is looking so good and radiant. Also my makeup is looking perfect, the colours don’t move at all despite the finish being dewy. I’m officially switching from power to cream.

Available from Selfridges

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