Busy? Bring the salon to your home with Miss Beez Beauty App

Beauty treatments like massages, manicures, waxing and tanning are a luxury, but let’s face it, most of the time they are a necessity. Before a holiday, a special event or even for day to day beauty, going to a salon can be a chore as it takes a huge huge chunk out of my day.  What I would really like is the salon to come to me. 

The rise of at home beauty services aren’t just for the rich and celebrities anymore as there has been a rise of beauty concierge services delivered straight to your home or work, just like like deliveroo.

I enjoy going to the salon, but I hate sitting there waiting for my nails to dry before making a trip home to get ready, or leaving the massage table with my eyelashes stuck to my face, makeup smudged and feeling zoned out. A massage at home means you can have a shower after or chill out at home and keep your zen. Having your nails done at home or your hair dried at home means all you have to do is put your clothes on.

Miss Beez App 

I recently downloaded the Miss Beez App which is the new beauty company with a conscious. They offer beauty services 24/7 delivered straight to your home. Please note, if you were to have a massage or wax, the therapist will bring their own table. You can choose from the following:

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 20.07.44

All you do is download the app, register, choose which service you require and the app will choose a therapist for you by seeing who is nearby. Once you get your results, you can choose who you want by looking at their profile which includes their work. The app is super easy to use. It’s cute and clean and best of all, it’s fast!

Once you book your treatment, the wheels on the bike below start spinning until you are matched with a therapist-

My Gel Nails treatment went straight into my phone calendar and I also received reminders for my appointment.

On the day of my appointment, my manicurist arrived on the dot. I was so impressed. She was friendly and lovely. She set up all her products, and her lamp and we had a little chat while I chose my colours. I like pale and bright colours so I went for silver and glitter. 

My nail polish was removed, she filed, buffed and removed my cuticles before applying my gel base coat, nail colour and top coat.

It took just over an hour which I think was my fault for being indecisive but normally it should take 45 minutes. I had a coffee, felt comfortable being at home and was super relaxed. I didn’t feel rushed at all.


My manicure is amazing and 2 weeks later is has lasted without chipping. It’s one of the best manicures I have had and for someone who loves going out I really enjoyed having my nails done at home. I’m also not a gel nail fan but having to forget about my nails and not have to deal with them for over two weeks has been a dream. I’m going to book my next appointment soon.

I highly recommend Miss Beez. They are a company that helps to empower women from difficult and underprivileged backgrounds by helping them become self employed. This is something that is so important to me and because of that, I will continue to support them with many more treatments at home. It’s amazing how technology has changed the way we live our lives, making everything so convenient and saving precious time.

Download the App here – 



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