Birkenstock launch a Natural Skincare Collection

The Birkenstock love doesn’t seem to have any middle ground – you either adore them or hate them.  Surprisingly, the fashion industry seems to be obsessed with them and after seeing jeweled crocs on the runway, the humble Birkenstock sandal don’t seem as bad anymore, in fact, they actually look cool.

Either way, you will love their latest and most random collection – its skincare!

Yes, the comfy footwear brand have launched Birkenstock Natural Skincare to look after your feet, hands and body, all formulated using Suberin (Cork) and naturally, its the main material for their footwear. Just like the raw material on the original insole, Cork Oak extract is at the heart of their skincare, obtained from the outer layers of cork oak which has highly effective anti-ageing beauty benefits. The skincare also contains carefully selected natural ingredients such as arctic moss, aloe vera, argan oil, avocado, baobab, calendula, cranberry, ginkgo, green coffee, moringa, ginger, jojoba, macadamia, mint, elderberry, grape and botanical hyaluron. 

With regular use, skin is protected from free radicals (available from all the ingredients above), it is also visibly smoother, plumper as it stimulates collagen and redness is reduced. The products are all natural, vegan, cruelty free and the company champions sustainability –  their Oak forests create a natural habitat for wildlife and breakdown CO2.  

The Moisturizing Hand and Nail Cream (£18) works instantly on the hands. It absorbs quickly and you only need a small amount as its so hydrating. The antioxidant ingredients smell gorgeous, a citrus and woody aroma and the jojoba oil strengthens the skin’s barrier and protects effectively against dryness. It changes my hand colour instantly by brightening the skin and making then look visibly softer. 
The Moisturising Foot Balm (£18.00) is incredibly hydrating for the feet without feeling greasy. It contains moisturising  cork oak extract and intensively caring avocado oil which works against the thickening of skin and chapped heels. You can apply before shoes and sock as it doesn’t feel slippery or greasy.
Available from Birkenstock

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