Can’t sleep? Try this Space Mask for Interstellar Relaxation!

It’s so difficult to switch off at the end of the day. Each evening, I try to pack my life into a couple of hours and I’m constantly checking my phone, even minutes before bed. I can’t relax or sleep because my mind is always distracted by something online or filled with my to list. 

As you are aware, this kind of behaviour is so bad for you and results in stress, lack of sleep and premature ageing. But don’t worry, I have now found the perfect solution to switching off and chilling out – Spacemasks

According their crazy creators, a Spacemask will help you leave the Earth’s gravitational field, somewhere between Jupiter and Andromeda, for interstellar relaxation. Yes, they are totally bonkers and designed to transport you to another dimension. Each mask allows you to escape your troubles for 15 minutes and a box contains 5 foil pouches containing individual masks with detailed instructions including a best before date. 

When you open the packet, the heating process begins to works as thin layer of iron filing is entwining with the oxygen molecules in the air. It is totally safe and the low concentration of jasmine will help you relax without irritating the skin. Place it over your eyes and attach the loops behind your ears and leave for 15 minutes. 

I didn’t really know what to expect and the first time I tried my Spacemask, I ended up falling asleep immediately. I would therefore not recommend using it just before falling asleep. The mask heats up quickly, gets very hot and stays hot for at least 12 minutes before cooling down. Of course it’s not too hot, the temperature is perfect and the heat soothes the eye area, feels like a massage and releases tension – It feels SO GOOD!

I have been suffering from migraines recently so it really helped to ease tension, behind my eyes, especially after staring at a screen all day.  The heat also helps with circulation so it can help with puffiness and dark circles.  I highly recommend these masks, they are so much fun, feel amazing and a single mask costs less than a coffee!

Available fromSpacemasks, Liberty, Feelunique

£3.50 (single mask) £15.00 box of 5

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