The Headmasters Me Day Makeover – an affordable, reliable and amazing hair transformation

You know that point in the month, every few months, when your makeup and skincare finishes at once and you suddenly realise your roots are 3 inches long so you need to go back to the salon… but you don’t get paid for another 3 weeks – that’s me! Always me. 

I colour my hair properly two or three times a year and unless I maintain my roots every couple of months which is roughly £65 a pop, it’s so expensive.

I recently had one of those moments when I had 3 birthdays in a month, I was going away and I couldn’t afford to get my hair done. Not only were my roots super long but it needed a cut too. After some research, I came across the Headmasters Me-Day Makeover which is £95 for half a head of highlights, cut and blow dry or £115 for a full head, cut and blow dry.

I wanted to try this out with minimal time after work as I was going away that week so I went in for a half head of highlights and cut. This is how my hair looked when I went in. I was in desperate need for a cut and my roots were long.

The last time I went to headmasters I had a lot of colour put in so this time, all I needed was a root touch up, a few bits of balayage and a trim. Nothing crazy as I didn’t really need it. That’s the beauty of this price, it’s so much cheaper than if I had them done separately and this saves so much time.

The colour was applied first. Don’t be worried about this offer compromising on your needs, the bespoke colour service always use the best products and brands and are mindful about keeping the hair healthy. If they offer a smart bond, take it as it will protect your hair. 

My colourist applied foils to the front to start the lightening process around the face and like a lot of balayage they do a mixture of foils and painting on the colour. The base colour was applied and was used to cause a shadow around the face just like face contouring. 

After a couple of hours, my colour was removed, a toner was added and it was trimmed. I was out o the salon in under 3 hours which is an actual miracle! See the results below with before on the left.



The finished product 

The treat yourself to a gorgeous cut, style and highlights using foils, tissues or balayage is available at Headmasters

Me Day Makeover available all day every Sunday & Monday, with selected stylists.


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