Straight Outta Brooklyn – Amika Haircare

Just like Biggie and Jay Z, the coolest and latest export from Brooklyn, New York is hair care company Amika.

Amika is a breath of fresh air at a time where all beauty brands have started to look the same (minimal tubes) and social platforms tell you how to do your makeup and hair. Amika advocates a lifestyle of self-expression and hair rebellion against conformity and the mundane. They make professional haircare + tools that are bright, fun and kind of psychedelic looking – it’s soooo Brooklyn. The company was founded in Williamsburg and they claim to be the antithesis of a typical beauty brand – instead of perveying  unattainable perfection they believe in individuality, inclusion and positivity while delivering puddles of fun.  AND if that wasn’t enough, all the products are vegetarian-friendly, cruelty-free and sulfate free. 

Okay, so they’re cool AF. Are the products any good?

I have tried a couple of products from the Amika collection, the Brooklyn Bombshell Blowout Spray and Silken Up Dry Conditioner.  I use the Brooklyn Bombshell every day after washing my hair. It contains Glycerin to add moisture, strengthens dry, brittle hair and a polymer called Octylacrylamide to lift and set hair. I love spraying the fine mist all over my hair, even my roots as it smells amazing and feels so lightweight. It helps my hair stay healthy and shiny and gives me volume without making my hair feel sticky, stiff or full of product. The provitamin B5 has actually changed the texture of my hair, making it look much softer, shiner and it prevents split ends. 

I use the dry conditioner less often as I wash my hair every day and it’s to be used to soften hair and revive hair in between washes. It also contains B5 and polymers to lift and set the hair and it can be sprayed on to dry hair before blow drying. I use mine when my hair is feeling a bit dry and after using hair tools, like a setting spray and it’s amazing for that too. 

I really love these products, they are fun and they deliver on styling. They  sort of remind me of Glossier … but for haircare. Check them out. 

Available from Birchbox and Sally

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