Obsessed these I-Art Liquid eyeshadow’s by Sleek

I am obsessed with eyeshadow! My day and night looks are pretty much identical as I can’t resist a burnt orange, smokey aubergine or a bright pink with a slick of black top liner. I own so many palettes and Huda Beauty has got to be my fave brand. I have to be super careful with what I use on my eyes as they are so sensitive and over the years, I have had to experiment with the products that don’t cause my eyes to swell. Luckily I’m all good with Huda, however, I recently reacted to a new eyeshadow palette so my eyes became really swollen and I developed dermatitis around the lids. I gave them a few days to calm down but every time I used a brush on my eyes, the dry skin would flare up and I looked like id been punched in the face again.

I had to take a break from using it and as an eyeshadow addict, I am not used to having bare eyes without any makeup on. On the beach, yes, but in the city and on a normal day, I look young and innocent as I’m used to my eyes popping! So, I thought a cream eyeshadow would work and help to moisturise the dry skin too. I came across these I-Art liquid shadows and now I am hooked!!! They are little lipgloss like tubes of metallic eyeshadows which come in all colours from the lightest beige to electric blue. A bit nervous at first, I was so surprised, my sensitive skin didn’t react to them. The applicator is a fine brush which lets you paint the creamy formula on lids and once on, it feels weightless on the skin. I paint on and then blend it in with my fingers. The colours, if compatible, blend well together too. It dries quickly, continues to feel smooth and weightless, doesn’t feel sticky at all, lasts all day, after a gym workout and withstood the Easter heatwave.

I absolutely love these! The intense, super pigmented formulas will go through summer too as they are water resistant. All the colours double up as both a statement eyeshadow, and eyeliner – I’ll be lining my eyes with the blue as soon as the sun comes out. The pinky, nudes and browns look amazing in the sun too as the metallic formula looks so dewy and on the skin. Add a creamy highlight and you will glow!


Available from Sleek and Boots

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