Dreamy Sustainable Haircare from Davines

Normally spotted in cool hair salons, Davines is a super chic, sustainable, organic and ethical hair care brand from Italy.

Founded in 1983, it was set up by a company who already produced hair care for global cosmetic brands and decided to create their own. Davines, way back in the early 80s were so ahead of the game as they wanted to make sure that their products respected the environment, looked beautiful and always used high grade, natural ingredients with scientific rigor.

Today, there are a lot of natural and sustainable brands out there, which is amazing, however, even now, not all of them are the whole package – they make your hair look and feel amazing, they smell incredible and look cute in your bathroom.

I have recently been using the MINU Illuminating Shampoo and Conditioner which have been one of my favourites. Both shampoo and conditioner are specifically designed for coloured hair, protecting it from damage and keeping it super shiny. The shampoo foams up to produce a lather which eliminates the build-up of dirt without stripping your hair of its natural oils or colour, making it perfect for dyed or chemically-treated hair. The luxurious formula contains a cocktail of mild surfactants to attract and dissolve dulling dirt and impurities, while caper extract helps to protect without adding weight to compromise movement or leave hair looking limp.

They smell incredible! They are formulated using citrus and orange blossom for the most subtle, yet amazing, fresh smell ever which lasts all day.

After using this, your hair will feel smooth, soft and manageable with a luminous, mirror-like shine – and if it’s coloured it will keep its vibrancy. I really loved using these and obsessed with the smell.

From £16.90

Available from Davines, Feel Unique and salons nationwide.

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