Missing the nail salon? Try this Patchology Pedi-Cure at home for super soft feet

I hate feet. I hate looking at them, talking about them and worst of all, someone else, touching mine. I had a pedicure once and nearly kicked my therapist in the face and was crying with laughter. Ticklish, yes.

For those of you who aren’t mad like me and simply want a pedicure at home whilst your stuck in lockdown and cant make it to the salon, I have the perfect product that will remove all dead skin, cracked heels and callouses, without you doing a thing. I use them because I am ticklish and it requires zero effort and just an hour of your time.

Posh Peel Pedi-Cure is an amazing product by Patchology who also make amazing face masks and eye patches. This foot mask is basically two socks that you fill with the pouches of liquid acids which are known to exfoliate and wait an hour before washing off. The liquid contains a blend of alpha and beta hydroxy acids, glycolic, salicylic, lactic and citric acids, to gently exfoliate rough soles and heels. It’s a total miracle and so easy to use. Your skin will literally shed off, like the skin of a snake!

Wait 1 hour

I used mine last Sunday and as soon as I removed my feel they felt instantly soft, like SUPER soft! My skin started shedding a few days later (it takes 5-7 days) and now its started at my heels which were really dry. My advice would be for you to exfoliate gently when your skin starts peeling off as it does go everywhere. Do not feel the skin off and do not use a pumice or dead skin remover. I absolutely love this product and its so essential right now, especially because since my feet are always dry and I haven’t worn any shoes for 6 weeks!


Available from Patchology, Cult Beauty and Urban Outfitters

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