My review of the super dreamy – Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Cream by Herbivore Botanicals

Lockdown has been stressful, not only in life, but on my skin too. Controversial, but I feel like my skin is better when I wear makeup, rather than without. I think this is due to the double cleanse and moisturise at the end of the day which ensures that its clean and hydrated.

I have since weaned off makeup, or at least foundation and yes, my skin is better. What has made it even better is the Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Cream from Herbivore Botanicals.

This product was getting a lot of hype when it first launched and luckily for me, it lives up to its reputation, because, for people like me who have sensitive and dry skin, it’s an amazing relief.

I started using Pink Cloud after months of using steroid and eczema treatments after a bad reaction to another skincare brand. After that, anything would set my skin off with inflammation, which was so upsetting and annoying.  Without sounding shallow, I am talking about eyes looking like they have been punched and skin that feels raw and inflamed. As soon as my skin started settling, I had enough of boring eczema cream and pharmacy products so decided to take the chance and use this moisturiser.

Looking a lot like angel delight or pink whipped cream, smelling amazing…it really is a dream to use. Formulated from natural and plant based ingredients and containing no toxins. Active ingredients include Roswater, Aloe Water, Kukui Oil and white tea extract to visibly plump the skin, smooth, calm and reduce redness, leaving it looking fresh, glowy and dewy. 

The lightweight, non-sticky formula melts into the skin and results are immediate. The cream itself is great under makeup because its breathable and bleandable and not greasy at all, a perfect base for foundation.    

The packaging for all of Herbivore Botanicals products is minimal and luxurious, a bit glossier but cooler, like it’s older sister and there seems to be a real focus in the colours and look of the products themselves. The colours rage from cute pastels to vibrant jewel like oils, making the whole experience of using the products a ritual. The box is so nice I haven’t thrown it in my recycling bin yet – pink clouds – hello!

As you might already know, I am really into crystals and skincare, so Herbivore is the brand that I feel like I invented in my mind, many years ago! Their products are natural, non-toxic, organic and made with high quality food-grade ingredients. All products are created for a specific therapeutic ingredient and formulated using key active raw ingredients including ethically sourced gemstones and vitamins for optimum health and vitality.

I’m ready to buy me 2nd jar!


Available from Herbivore Botanicals, Liberty, Space NK and Cult Beauty

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