BYBI Bakuchiol Booster – a 100% natural, vegan-friendly alternative to retinol

The power of retinol. If you’re not familiar with it, retinol is vitamin A, the anti ageing super ingredient which reduces wrinkles, increases collagen and removes dark spots and pigmentation. Normally used at night, you need to build up your tolerance towards it and build up to a higher percentage over time. Unfortunately, I am allergic to retinol, so completely missing out on the revolution of younger skin, until now, with the discovery of Bakuchiol Booster by BYBI.

Over the years, I really wanted to find an alternative to retinol and finally found it in a plant-derived alternative called Bakuchiol. Clinical studies have proven that Bakuchiol is equally as effective, if not better, than retinol at regulating collagen cell turnover and usage of 0.5% Bakuchiol over 6 weeks improves wrinkle depth, fine lines pigmentation, elasticity and firmness of the skin, without causing irritation.

The Bybi Bakuchiol Booster is a oil that you add to an existing routine and designed to use at night, just like retinol. The non greasy and super hydrating, lightweight formula comes in a cute little purple bottle, containing 1% bakuchiol (which is the highest amount you can get) and mixed with Squalane, another one of my new favourite ingredients. It is said to soften the skin, improve the appearance of uneven tone and lines, without the negative side effects that retinol has, which is dry, flakey and irritated skin.

The small bottle lasts a really long time and Im into my 2nd month of using it. I put a few drops directly to my face just before I add my moisturiser and then use my rose quartz roller to give myself a gentle facial massage before bed. The drops can be used alone as you skin drinks it up, but it’s designed to be added as a booster to any skincare routine so I mix it with my night cream too. it is a completely non-greasy formula and doesn’t feel like it’s suffocating your pores.

After 8 weeks of usage, I really can see the difference on my skin. It does feel more radiant, soft and hydrated. I do have some pigmentation under my eye, which hasn’t completely gone, but has reduced slightly. As I suffer from the occasional eczema breakout, I sometimes wake up with inflamed and dry skin but since using this, I have had super hydrated skin all the time.

I really love this products and will definitely be using more products by Bybi.  The company was founded by beauty bloggers in 2017 who had a passion for natural skincare and sustainability. They have since committed to only using 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients.


Available from Feel Unique, Bybi and Boots

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