I am the middle child in a family of 5 girls…yes 4 sisters, so I have grown up around beauty my entire life – from making my homemade and natural skincare based on old Indian traditions, to experimenting with makeup and hair colours, I have done it all!

I started this blog because I have always been the person all of my friends and family turn to for beauty advice. I have worked as a model agent representing some of the biggest supermodels in the industry, an agent for high-profile hair and makeup artists and currently work in Beauty PR.

My world has always been surrounded by beauty and I have been exposed to the glamorous world of high fashion and editorial, however, I do believe that being beautiful is your energy and being comfortable within your own skin, no matter what size you are, your ethnicity, gender and the budget you have to spend on products.

I live in East London and my life is extremely busy so I am always looking for beauty products which require minimal effort with maximum results. I like to look polished, but understated, so I can pretend that ‘I woke up like this’ as apposed to spending an hour on my makeup. I aspire to achieve perfectly glowing skin and I’m trying to phase chemicals out to be as natural as I can with my skincare.

I am addicted to running, yoga and the gym. I’m a magpie so I am a serial hoarder of charms, vintage teacups, crystals, candles and anything shiny. I am inspired by music, art, the universe, nature and the wonderful and eclectic people in my life – my friends and family.

All reviews are written by me and I am always honest. Please feel free to like, follow and comment as you wish.


Jaz x

For PR enquiries, please email me – jaz.mattu@gmail.com

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Instagram: @crushwitheyeliner_

Twitter: Jaz_Mattu

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